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Our PRODUCTS Explained

Pomfret Our PRODUCTS Explained
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We move you and help you stay in your home.
Our business focus is on products that help you move, and specifically on the “things that move you”, including Stairlifts, Wheelchair Platform Lifts and Vehicle Lifts. Almost hourly, someone asks us the difference between this type lift and that type lift. We hope the following explanation helps.

What exactly is a Stairlift?
“Stairlift” is a common industry term, but are known by various terms including:

  • Stairway Lift
  • Stairway Chair Lift
  • Chair Lift for Stairs
  • Stair Chair
  • Stairway Chair
  • Stairlift Chair

Regardless of the terms, these phrases accurately describe stairlift function, to lift or transport a user up and down a staircase. Any home with stairs can accept a stairlift installation. Each AccessNSM stairlift has three basic components, the chair, a rail the chair moves on and a motor mounted in an under-chair compartment. Our stairlifts are electrically powered, with a standard 3-prong 110 VAC, 15amp outlet. Rechargeable batteries allow your lift to operate even during a power outage.

What is a Wheelchair Lift — aka Vertical Platform Lift (VPL)?
Also known as Vertical Platform lifts (VPLs), Wheelchair Lifts provide the same basic up-down function as stairlifts, but are designed to move people while in their wheelchairs. With a broad base to service wheelchairs and scooters, VPLs are common as both interior and exterior accessibility solutions.

What about a Vehicle Lift?
Vehicle Lifts are an class of assistive automotive accessories used to help you get your wheelchair and scooters in and out of cars, trucks and vans etc. To see AccessNSM’s exceptional Vehicle Lift gallery, please click here.

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