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Patient Lifts

The ideal solution to assist in lifting and transferring a patient or resident with mobility challenges, often where space is limited.

ceiling-lifts Patient Lifts
Ceiling lifts can be either permanently installed, running along fixed-in rails, or can be used in conjunction with free standing overhead rails, temporarily installed with no changes being made to your home. These portable ceiling lifts can be moved from room to room using different tracks, offering greater flexibility of use. Ceiling lifts are ideal for both home and istitutional use.

floor-lifts Patient Lifts
Floor lifts are designed to give patient/residents with reduced mobility and physical strength the ability to raise themselves from a bed, chair, or wheelchair independently. Floor lifts are portable and self-contained and can be used where ceiling lifts are not available or practical.

patient-lift-slings Patient Lifts
Slings come in a variety of materials and sizes, designed for maximum comfort in patient transfer. Sling application include seated transfers, standing support, walking, turning and repositioning. Specialized applications include transfer boards for imaging and special slings for operating rooms and limb holding. Slings range in design complexity and ease of application.