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Bi-fold PORTABLE Suitcase Ramps

AccessNSM’s Bi-fold PORTABLE Suitcase Ramps are appropriate for all scooter and wheelchair types. Designed to bridge the gap over steps, curbs and raised landings, these EZ-ACCESS™ ramps are an ideal solution for home accessibility. Our EZ-ACCESS™ Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps are available in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft lengths. The 5ft and 6ft portable “suitcase” ramps are well suited for most vans and some minivans.

Bi-foldPortableSuitcaseRamps Bi-fold PORTABLE Suitcase Ramps

Bi-fold PORTABLE Suitcase Ramps

To use, simply unfold the hinged ramp and position for maximum safety and support. When not in use, your EZ-ACCESS ramp folds in half and can be carried like a suitcase. Constructed of rugged aluminum, the ramps feature durable, non-skid driving surfaces for added user safety.

Bi-fold PORTABLE Suitcase Ramps
— Features & Options
• Slip-Resistant Surface for Suitcase Ramp
• Ergonomically designed, non-breakable handles
• Self-Adjusting Bottom Transition independently adjusts to ground surface.
• By simply removing the hinge pins, the ramp separates into two easy-to-carry sections.

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