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Commercial Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift

AccessNSM’s Commercial Vertical Platform Lift model VPL-3300 commercial wheelchair lift is ideal for schools, churches and businesses, and provides reliable accessibility plus ADA compliance.
Often used for access to stages, podiums and upper landings, the VPL-3300 features a compact design and lifting heights up to 53in. Quiet operation is powered by an ACME screw drive DC motor, with full-time battery operation that ensures wheelchair lift operation during a power outage or an emergency.

VML-3300 Commercial Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift <br> VPL-3300

Commercial Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift

The VPL-3300 uses an enclosure system with a full barrier at the lower landing, so as the car rises, the lower gate and 3-sided enclosure stops anyone from entering the lift or under the platform. This unique design ensures user safety and prevents injury and damage by others.

Commercial Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift VPL-3300
Features & Options
• Bottom platform safety panel
• 42in high, solid, side platform walls
• Full-time wheelchair lift battery operation
• Durable, powder-coated “champagne” lift finish
• Top and bottom limit switches and final limit safety switch
• Automatic wheelchair lift folding ramp (on unenclosed unit only)
• All-weather protected controls and switches for outdoor applications
• Electronic sensors stop platform from operating unless door is closed
• Mechanical platform gate releases door only when platform is at lower landing
• Keyed, constant pressure, controls on wheelchair lift platform with lighted panel, emergency stop switch and audio/visual alarm
• Optional Platform gate
• Optional Power assisted door/gate operator
• Optional Several platform sizes and configurations
• Optional “Stay-dry” wheelchair lift platform canopy
• Optional ADA compliant wheelchair lift telephone kit
• Optional Top wheelchair lift landing gate includes call/send controls with key and mechanical interlock
• Optional Cold Weather Package, tested to improve wheelchair lift performance down to -20ºF
• Optional Push button or paddle controls on the wheelchair lift platform and landing controls
• Optional Flush mount wheelchair lift doors with interlock

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