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Companion Controls Door Operators

Coded Radio & Keyless Door Opener Controls
AccessNSM offers a wide variety of companion controls door operators that are suited for both residential and commercial door opener installations. These easy-to-use remote controls are durably-designed for everyday wear and tear, providing security, accessibility and easy operation.

SesameKeypad Companion Controls Door Operators

Companion Controls Door Operators

Radio Remote Door Operators
For monitored entrances or doors with few users, a remote control door operator is an ideal option. The controller sends a secure radio signal to a transmitter, which automatically opens the door.
• Automatic door operation for specified individuals
• 1,024 possible codes eliminates signal duplication and frequency overlap
• 1, 2 or 4 button transmitters available (Models 4440). Can provide given individuals access to different combinations of specified areas
• Transmitters require a receiver to actuate door opening cycle, the receiver is mounted inside the operator
• Special transmitters are available

Keyless Entry Door Operators
For secure areas, home entrances and commercial building doors, keyless door operators allow for secure access to specific areas and eliminate the need to carry keys or change locks.
• Provide access for specified individuals
• Available as wireless or wired type switches
• Coded wireless signal

Other Door Opener Controller Options
• Push Plate, Push Button & Touch Plate Wall Switches
• Electric Door Lock (Strike)

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