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Curved Commercial Wheelchair Lift OMEGA

AccessNSM’s OMEGA scooter and wheelchair lifts are flexible and customizable, providing accessibility around curves, corners and variable sloped stairways. Most-commonly installed in commercial settings, OMEGA wheelchair lifts conveniently fold into a compact size, providing unobtrusive storage for when not in use. OMEGA scooter and wheelchair lifts are ADA compliant. All include the needed features for public installation.

SavariaOmega Curved Commercial Wheelchair Lift OMEGA

Curved Commercial Wheelchair Lift OMEGA

AcccessNSM’s OMEGA wheelchair lifts are typically installed without significant construction efforts. Designed for situations where major modifications are impossible, these curved lifts can be used in interior or exterior applications, with left or right mounting. These safe, quiet lifts provide programmable curve speeds and duration, plus convenient accessibility in custom travel paths.

Curved Commercial Wheelchair Lift OMEGA
— Features & Options
• No machine room
• Folding seat with 253lb capacity
• Underpan and edge safety sensors
• Safety brake and emergency stop button
• Soft start/stop wheelchair lift operation
• Pedestrian warning light and movement alarm
• Custom curves, corners and lifting configurations
• Outdoor OMEGA wheelchair lift packages available
• Easy to use constant-pressure controls with key or keyless access
• Out-of-the-way parking option, rails made to store the wheelchair lift around a corner
• Mounts to left or right side of staircase, directly on stair treads (also available with wall-bracket mounting)
• Automatic safety arms, grab handles and manual lowering capability
• Optional motorized folding wheelchair lift platform
• Optional mounting with self-supporting brackets
• Optional wheelchair lift call/send stations

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