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Curved Stairlift — STAIRFRIEND

With specialized design software and computer-aided photo measuring, AccessNSM’s STAIRFRIEND stairlift can be fully customized to your home’s staircase. It is ideal for installation on stairways that curve, turn or have mid-way landings, or homes needing “out-of-the-way” stairlift parking. STAIRFRIEND stairlifts can be installed on virtually any staircase and offer a unique “overrun rail”, for users who seek to extend the stairlift track and travel to a more convenient entry/exit.

SavariaStairFriendwVseat Curved Stairlift — STAIRFRIEND

Curved Stairlift — STAIRFRIEND

With a double-rail track, the STAIRFRIEND is sturdy and strong, with a smooth, comfortable ride and easy to operate armrest controls. STAIRFRIEND is available with two different seat models (V and L) to satisfy user aesthetics and comfort, with 90º or 180º parking. Seat model V is shown here, (with blue button). Please [popup_trigger id=”8183″]CLICK HERE to see our model L seat.[/popup_trigger]

Curved Stairlift STAIRFRIEND
— Features & Options
• 350lb weight capacity
• Key switch on-off power
• Soft stairlift start and stops
• Swivel and lock stairlift seat
• Extra long, retractable seatbelt
• Fold-up stairlift seat and arm rests
• Stairlifts anchor to steps, not wall
• On-board diagnostics identify service issues
• Rechargeable Batteries provide uninterrupted service
• Simple stairlift armrest controls with emergency stop button
• Overspeed Governor quickly stops stairlift if descent is too fast
• Obstruction Sensors stop STAIRFRIEND if any object is in its path
• Can be installed on the inside or outside of virtually any staircase
• Custom-designed stairlift track for your exact staircase measurements
• Long range wireless remote controls to call the stairlift, even from other rooms
• Two stairlift seat options feature wipe-clean synthetic leather upholstery
• Charging stations at the top and bottom of the staircase, allows stairlift use even during power outages, with optional intermediate chargers for stairs with mid-way landings.

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