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DOOR Opener Control Wall Switches

AccessNSM door openers can be activated with a variety of door opener control wall-mount switches, designed to trigger with push-button pressure, or when the unit senses it has been touched.

DoorOpenerWallSwitches DOOR Opener Control Wall Switches

DOOR Opener Control Wall Switches

Push Button Door Opener Control Switches
• Heavy duty switch – ideal for high-use commercial door openers
• Supplied in push button configuration with separate wall mount
• Available as wireless switch or wired version (includes 12 feet of 2 lead wire)
• Specify surface mount wall box or flush mount

Touch Plate Door Opener Control Switches
• No pressure necessary – Senses the capacitance of a hand when touched
• Stainless steel touch plate combines appearance and low maintenance
• Low profile reduces vandalism
• No moving parts – explosion proof
• Includes 12ft of 3-conductor low voltage wire
• Available with or without handicap emblem
• Available in surface mount switch (Model 4444S)
• Available in flush mount (Model 4444F)

Additional Door Opener Control Options

• Coded Radio Transmitter/Receiver & Keyless Entry Systems
• Electric Door Lock (Strike)

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