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Falcon Automatic Door Openers

Backed by the strength of Ingersoll Rand, Falcon model 8200 automatic door openers provide dependable performance at an affordable price. Designed for commercial and residential applications, the Falcon’s small footprint and elegant design is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Falcon8200W Falcon Automatic Door Openers

Falcon Automatic Door Openers

The industrial grade model 8200 (seen here), provides an integrated power boost for additional closing assist when the door nears the latch, helping to ensure secure closing when overcoming external conditions and pressure differentials.

Falcon Automatic Door Openers are, by any standard,”smart” devices. The control box detects any obstructions and will temporarily reprogram the opening degree to avoid door damage. “Open position learning” automatically sets the open door position to eliminate wall and door damage.

Falcon Automatic Door Openers
— Features & Options
• Pressure-sensitive selectable feature allows door to open automatically as soon as it feels pressure
• Mounting bracket fastening notches reduce parts & allow for faster, easier installation of the door operator
• One-piece mounting bracket eliminates need for end caps, reducing parts and installation time

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