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PREMIUM Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Mobility, away from home, is the essence of personal freedom. With the widest set of options, the most features and best durability, our PREMIER Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps are our top rated ramps.

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PREMIUM Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

These aluminum ramps, along with our steel ramps, offer the industry’s only open-mesh ramp surface, to provide unmatched safety, especially in inclement weather, allowing snow, ice and water to drain and not puddle on the ramp.

With a modular platform, our aluminum wheelchair ramps allow for fast installation – often in only hours – providing accessibility quickly and conveniently. Our premier wheelchair ramps and deluxe wheelchair ramps feature unique, cone-mounted handrail design for greater stability than the standard side-bolted handrails offered by many other ramp manufacturers. Many users prefer the smooth feel of the aluminum handrail, as opposed to wood handrails.

PREMIER Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps
— Features & Options
• Lifetime wheelchair ramp warranty
• Fast wheelchair ramp installation
• ADA compliant with 48” and 60” ramp widths available
• 800lb wheelchair ramp weight capacity
• Quick-drying ramp mesh surface provides superior traction
• Sturdy wheelchair ramp surface
• No rusting – unlike steel wheelchair ramps
• No rotting or splinters – unlike wood wheelchair ramps

AccessNSM selected National Ramp as exclusive provider for modular wheelchair ramps. National Ramp’s USA-manufactured products are widely recognized as the market’s most durable and attractive wheelchair ramps. Our staff will provide a free in-home wheelchair ramp evaluation, and our trained technicians are ready to quickly install your ramp.

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