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Residential Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift – Models VPL-3100 & 3200B

AccessNSM’s VPL-3100 and VPL-3200 series vertical wheelchair lifts make porches, decks, basements and upper floors accessible. Constructed of strong, welded tubular steel, this quality platform wheelchair lift is dependable and durable, delivering independence and flexibility at an excellent price. With the largest range of lift heights of any AccessNSM wheelchair lift model, the 3100 and 3200 series wheelchair lifts can travel from 2ft-14ft.

BrunoVPL-3100 Residential Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift - Models VPL-3100 & 3200B

Residential Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift – Models VPL-3100 & 3200B

Weather resistant, with weather-protected controls, the 3100/3200 can be installed across a variety of applications. The 3200B series also offers optional flush mount fire-rated doors.

Residential Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift – Models VPL-3100 & 3200B
Features and Options
• Up to 750lb lift capacity
• Manual lowering hand tool
• Landing call/send station with key switch
• Totally enclosed formed-steel bottom safety pan
• Optional platform lift paddle controls for added convenience
• Maximum floor-to-floor height range: 6.25ft (Model VPL-3175)
• Simple, accessible push button wheelchair lift controls with emergency stop switch
• Wheelchair lift canopy cover and cold weather package heating kit options available
• Optional wheelchair lift gate – with 90° platform available (adjacent top landing exit)
• Entire bottom of wheelchair lift platform is spring sensitive – shuts unit down if any obstruction is encountered
• Auto self-lowering folding ramp provides convenient wheelchair lift entrance for mobility devices in the “down” position, and a safety barrier in the “up” position
• Optional top landing gate with call/send controls and mechanical interlock (which releases only when wheelchair lift platform is at the top landing)
• Optional battery powered wheelchair lift provides access during power outages

3200B Series Wheelchair Lift Models
Providing the highest platform lifting heights of any AccessNSM wheelchair lift, our 3200 series wheelchair lifts offer many of the features found on the VPL-3100 series, as well as additional options and capabilities. The 3200B also supports flush mounted doors, providing additional installation options, safety and comfort, creating a lift that is very similar to an elevator, but at much lower cost.

3200B Series Wheelchair Lifts
Features & Options
• Maximum floor-to-floor height lift height range: 14.25ft (Model VPL-3214B)
• Modular wheelchair lift design allows for more flexibility in tight hoist ways
• Automatic self-lowering folding ramp on unenclosed applications, optional platform gate
• Built-in emergency lowering function with a separate battery, operated from an external lockable keyed switch box
• Quiet and smooth wheelchair lift ride with new 1.25in diameter Acme screw drive with safety back up nut along with a full travel stabilizer assembly
• Full-time battery-power standard – wheelchair lift will still function if the power goes out, and is powered by two 34 amp hour batteries (included) and continuously charged
• Optional wheelchair lift telephone kit and pit switch
• Optional flush-mounted fire-rated doors, with and without windows, in a variety of door finishes

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