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STOW-AWAY Transfer Seat Lift TAS-1850

AccesssNSM’s Stow-Away Transfer Seat lift TAS-1850 allows users easy transfer from a mobility device to the seat of a pick-up truck or SUV. An easy-to-use, safe device, your Stow-Away mounts under your vehicle in a sealed and protected container.

Stow-AwayUP STOW-AWAY Transfer Seat Lift TAS-1850

STOW-AWAY Transfer Seat Lift TAS-1850

Power Chair Lift Transfer Seat
— Features & Options
• 3-year warranty
• Standard splash guard
• Emergency backup system
• Hand-held pendant control available
• Removable seat pad for easy washing
• Removable safety handle for stability
• Lift is sealed against harsh environments
• Driver and passenger side versions available
• Compatible with 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ton configurations
• Taller seat pad available (standard 20in vertical travel)
• Compatible with standard, extended, and crew cab configurations
• Preserves factory vehicle seat and all functions (recline, heat, etc.)
• Transfer plate available to bridge gap between vehicle and transfer seat

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