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Straight Rail Stairlift — LINCOLN

AccessNSM’s Straight Rail LINCOLN Stairlift offers a great combination of features and value. A reliable and safe stairway chairlift, with slim European styling, the LINCOLN is famous for its smooth staircase glide. Transit is controlled by easy-to-use paddle-button style controls and wireless remote controls. The stairlift’s compact size uses minimal space when folded, leaving ample stairway room when not in use.

BrooksLincolnStraight Straight Rail Stairlift — LINCOLN

Straight Rail Stairlift — LINCOLN

With an array of safety-focused features, the LINCOLN is among the most competitively priced stairway chair lifts on the market. The stairlift’s track sensors control travel speed, creating soft stops and starts, to ensure the chair stops at the correct location at the top and bottom landing.
A warning beep sounds when the stairlift begins to operate, and built-in safety sensors include three obstruction detectors on the footrest and two on the unit’s carriage, which stops the stairlift if an object is in its path.

Straight Rail Stairlift —LINCOLN
— Features & Options
• Modern, European styling
• Wireless stairlift remote control
• Simple, easy-to-use stairlift controls
• Retractable seat belt for neat storage
• Folding stairlift arms, seat and footrest
• Smooth stairlift stop-start function and quiet operation
• Swivel seat locks at 45° or 90° angles for easy stairlift entry/exit
• Slimline, space-saving design – stairlift chair is only 23in deep unfolded and 13in when folded
• Key lock turns stairlift on/off, especially helpful in installations with children
• Five built-in safety sensors stop stairlift chair if anything obstructs its path
• Top and bottom of rail sensors ensure stairlift stops in correct position
• In case of a problem, a numerical fault code display allows for easy diagnostic and repair guidance
• Maintenance-free rechargeable stairlift batteries store energy for emergency use, even during a blackout

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