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TubBuddy Shower Seat ( & TubBuddy with tilt)

AccessNSM’s TubBuddy Shower Seat ergonomic shower chair and bathing transfer system is designed to safely transfer a patient over a bath tub and avoids the need for costly construction or bathroom renovations.

TubBuddyBathroomTransferSystemSB2Tw1 TubBuddy Shower Seat ( & TubBuddy with tilt)

TubBuddy Shower Seat ( & TubBuddy with tilt)

This shower seat also eliminates unnecessary transfers between toileting and bathing, making it comfortable for both patient and caregiver.

Your TubBuddy is capable of rolling over a standard or elongated toilet to be used as a commode. With standard and tilt models available, the unique design of the TubBuddy shower chair promotes good patient hygiene.

TubBuddy Shower Seat (with Tilt option)

The TubBuddy Tilt shower chair allows for safe and easy transfer over and out of the bath tub by incorporating a tilt option.
The tilt option allows the caregiver to relieve pressure for the patient while making it easier to bathe them. It also lessens strain on caregivers by allowing the patient to slide over the bath tub without lifting their legs.

TubBuddy Shower Seat
— Features & Options
• 300lb weight capacity
• Rolls over standard/elongated toilets
• Tool-less assembly
• Low Maintenance
• Removable/foldaway arms
• Safety mechanisms
• Corrosion, mold resistant
• Footrest
• Adjustable neck rest
• Lap/chest belts
• 5in locking castors
• Commode system

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