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Stairlift and Ramp RENTAL Options

WalkerWeb Stairlift and Ramp RENTAL Options

AccessNSM’s Temporary Stairlift Rental & Installation Program
AccessNSM offers a variety of stairlift rentals for most straight staircases, and our stairlift rentals service is second to none. Not sure if a stairlift is for you? Perhaps your residence may change?

Our Stairlift Rentals program offers a full ninety (90x) day credit towards the buyout option of your rental stairlift. Beyond 90 days, a portion of your rental payment is applied to the buyout option of your stairlift. Our customers agree that this program ensures they are getting a fair, low stairlift price, even after the trial period. You are also welcome to rent a stairlift for an extended period, and we work to keep our stairlift prices low. AccessNSM stairlift rentals includes our quality service for the duration of the rental.

Temporary Situations for Ramp Accessibility
Many people require a temporary wheelchair ramp while undergoing rehabilitation, when they are unsure if their housing will change, or when away from home. In such instances, wheelchair ramp rental from AccessNSM presents an ideal solution. An AccessNSM representative will come to your home and determine which wheelchair ramp option best suits your needs during our free home wheelchair ramp evaluations.

Our team of trained technicians will then install your ramp, as well as perform any maintenance that might be required during the rental time period. When you no longer need the wheelchair ramp, we will remove it promptly. For customers choosing to keep their ramp, a portion of the rental is applied to the buyout option, helping ensure you are getting a low wheelchair ramp price, even after a trial period.

For additional information about Stairlift and Ramp RENTAL Options, please click here or call us at 866-321-4442.