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Vehicle Lift Gallery

Scooter or Wheelchair Transport for Cars, Vans, Trucks or SUVs

Mobility, away from home, is the essence of personal freedom. Since 1980, AccessNSM professionals have helped thousands of people maintain their away-from-home independence. We offer a wide array of wheelchair and scooter vehicle lifts to help you transport your mobility device with your vehicle. Click any of the tabs below to see the details about the lifts we offer for each vehicle type or, contact us by clicking here for more information.

All AccessNSM Scooter/Wheelchair Lifts & Hoists

CurbSiderScooterWheelchairHoists—VSL-6000VSL-6900 Vehicle Lift Gallery
Curb-Sider® Hoists
— VSL-6000/VSL-6900

OutSiderASL-250 Vehicle Lift Gallery
Out-Sider® Meridian Platform Lift — ASL-250

  • Exterior storage
  • One-touch lift action
  • Hold-Tite Arm locks in place
  • For manual wheelchairs

More on Out-Sider Meridian Platform Lift — ASL-250

JOEYInteriorPlatformVehicleLiftVSL4000HW Vehicle Lift Gallery
JOEY™ Interior Platform Lift
— VSL-4000HW

  • Interior storage
  • One-touch lift action
  • Optional barrier system
  • Retractable securing belts

More on JOEY Platform Vehicle Lift — VSL-4000HW

BigLifterScooterLiftVSL-570 Vehicle Lift Gallery
Big Lifter™ Scooter & Wheelchair Lift — VSL-570

  • Interior storage
  • One-touch lift action
  • Manual lift rotation
  • For heavy mobility devices

More on Big Lifter Scooter & Wheelchair Lift — VSL-570

AWL-150-Wheelchair-Lifter-Scooter Vehicle Lift Gallery
Fold-Down Lift
— AWL-150 & ASL-400

  • Interior storage
  • Easy-to-use lift strap
  • Lift folds down after use
  • Docking device included

More on Fold-Down Lift —
AWL-150 & ASL-400

Out-Side-OutsideMicroPowerchair-ScooterLiftsASL-225 Vehicle Lift Gallery
Out-Sider® Mico Lift
— ASL-225

  • Exterior storage
  • One-touch lift action
  • Innovative securing strap
  • For travel scooters

More on Out-Sider Out-Sider Mico 225

Back-SaverAWL-1600x Vehicle Lift Gallery
Back-Saver™ Hitch-Mount Lift
— AWL-1600

  • Exterior storage
  • One-touch lift action
  • Hold-Tite Arm Locks in place
  • For manual wheelchairs

More on Back-Saver Hitch-Mount Lift — AWL-1600

ScooterLiftIIforMinivanVanSideDoorsVSL-900 Vehicle Lift Gallery
Scooter-Lift II® Wheelchair Van Lift — VSL-900

  • Interior storage
  • One-touch lift action
  • Fully Powered
  • For scooters or wheelchairs

More on Scooter-Lift II® Van Side Door Lift — VSL-900

Out-RideWheelchairLiftforPick-UpTrucks%E2%80%94PUL-1100 Vehicle Lift Gallery
Out-Rider Pick-Up Truck Lift
— PUL-1100

  • Exterior storage
  • One-touch lift action
  • Optional handheld pendant
  • For power wheelchairs

More on Out-Rider Pick-Up Truck Lift — PUL-1100

Stow-AwayUP Vehicle Lift Gallery
Stow-Away™ Transfer Seat
— TAS-1850

  • Removable seat pad
  • Removable safety handle
  • Emergency backup system
  • For driver or passenger side

More on Stow-Away Transfer Seat — TAS-1850

Space-SaverASL-325 Vehicle Lift Gallery
Take-Apart Lift
— ASL-325 & ASL-350

  • Easy disassembly
  • Adjustable height and length
  • Light (heaviest piece : 15lbs)
  • ASL-325 offers hitch-mount

More on Take-Apart Lift— ASL-325 & ASL-350


SUV / Crossover

Pickup Truck

Sedan / Coupe

Wagon / Hatchback

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