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Free In-Home Wheelchair Ramp EVALUATIONS

WoodWheelchairRampTop Free In-Home Wheelchair Ramp EVALUATIONS
AccessNSM works with customers to determine which scooter or wheelchair ramp option best fits their needs. The AccessNSM team is comprised of expert customer service staff and trained Blue Shirt installation technicians. Our staff is dedicated to excellence. We will visit your home, without cost or obligation, to review your entrance, identify installation requirements and discuss which wheelchair ramp model is best for you.

During your In-Home Consultation, Our Blue-Shirt team promises to:
• Evaluate which entrance/exit is best for a wheelchair ramp
• Determine special considerations your installation may require
• Take measurements to determine ramp design and provide accurate pricing for quick installation
• Discuss all ramp options and determine which will best suit your needs
• Discuss any features you would like, including gates, stairs or vertical spindles

Please Know:
• All of our wheelchair ramps are modularly constructed, which means they can be installed quickly and configured to your specific installation requirements.
• Our Premier wheelchair ramps are built of aluminum, available in 48in and 60in widths and provide a long lifespan and wide array of options.
• Our Deluxe steel-constructed wheelchair ramps are 36in wide, featuring durable construction with many safety features and options.
• Our Value Line wheelchair ramps are wood-constructed, 36in wide, and can be painted or stained to match your home. Value Line present our most cost-effective ramp option.
• With these three scooter/wheelchair ramp lines, AccessNSM has the ramp that meets both your needs and budget.
• Upon request, we will provide a full home analysis to determine if other accessibility products may increase your mobility and independence.
• Ramp installation usually takes 2-5 business days. In emergencies however, rush installation is available.

Wheelchair Ramp Rentals
For temporary situations, or for those who are unsure if an access ramp will fit their needs, we offer rental scooter and wheelchair ramps. Even for rentals, our free, no obligation evaluation process typically takes no longer than 30 minutes.

With more than three decades of scooter and wheelchair ramp experience, AccessNSM’s staff is ready to answer any questions or provide assistance. For additional information about Free In-Home Wheelchair Ramp Evaluations, please click here or call us at 866-321-4442.