About National Seating & Mobility

At National Seating & Mobility, things are all always looking up. Our company (a division of National Seating and Mobility) is based on the founding principle that “home access is never a luxury”. There are now dozens of NSM locations across the United States. Still, the family business values, remains focused on “service first”. Like many successful companies, we grew gradually, first into five New England locations.

At several regional warehouses, we now stock a full inventory of indoor/outdoor StairLiftsand Wheelchair Lifts, plus Wheelchair Ramps, Vehicle Lifts, Door Openers and Bathroom Accessibility products. Although we continue to grow, NSM is still the furthest thing from a giant online “box house”.

Doing business with NSM is always personally direct. We have never used sub-contractors. Our blue shirt professionals continue to be famous for painless, no-obligation, in-home consultations. So, while we enjoy looking back, if ever briefly, we continue to be most excited about our future. We hope that future includes you, or someone you care for. We invite you to poke around our site today, right now, and get a sense of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

About National Seating & Mobility

National Seating & Mobility’s core business is custom mobility, Rehab and adaptive seating systems. Across three decades, we’ve grown from five locations to a national network of professional Assistive Technology Providers (ATPs) serving clients, therapists and physicians across the U.S.

Our clients are often severely physically challenged. Most are pediatrics with diagnoses of birth defects, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Spina Bifida. We also serve teens, adults and seniors challenged with severe trauma, disease and skeletal disorders.

Each NSM client presents unique circumstances, lifestyles and Rehab needs. As such, we want all our clients and caregivers to understand :

  • The importance of having the right chair for your special need.
  • Our work with you and your healthcare provider.
  • How we’ve helped others like you.
  • Specialized training and experience required of our professional staff.
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NSM’s singular commitment to wheeled mobility is realized in our field staff’s exceptional qualifications and experience. Our national third-party payer support team provides essential, value-added expertise.

Our BLUE SHIRT Promise To You

BlueShirt NSM

As individuals and, as a team, our Blue Shirt professionals share a commitment to you, our customers.
When we visit your home for a no-obligation consultation, its not like pizza delivery. We are accountable. Our dynamic products move though your home and contribute to your ongoing quality of life. Our evaluation, recommendation and installation keep your best interest in focus at all times, at every level. Please accept our Six Point Professional Pledge to always be:

• Clean • Compassionate • Organized
• Thorough • Timely • Trustworthy