Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum Wheelchair ramps offer the highest level of safety and durability for both home and public use. NSM offers a wide variety of ramps for every use and price range. Aluminum wheelchair ramps have been proven to have three times the safety factor because of their strength and unique open drainage system. The open mesh allows snow, rain and ice to drain quickly leaving no dangerous puddles behind. That means no slipping while walking or when driving a wheelchair or scooter. Yet the holes are small enough to catch the smallest dropped object. The heavy-duty powder coating allows for color choices to tastefully blend with any architecture while providing long lasting beauty. In fact, our aluminum wheelchair ramps by National Ramp have a lifetime warranty. Their design and strength make them completely maintenance-free with no rust, rotting or splinters. They rate a strong 800lb weight capacity. They are a great choice for commercial or public use to offer accessibility to anyone who is mobility challenged and meet all ADA standards when installed by our professionals.

NSM also has portable or modular ramps available which can be folded and easily transported. These portable ramps can be used to enter and exit vans (both rear and side doors). They can be used to go over several steps. We even have our most popular threshold ramp which makes for a smooth ride over a rough threshold. One of our Blue Shirt Professionals will be glad to consult with you free of charge to determine which ramp best suits your needs and to make sure the measurements for each use meets ADA standards to offer the safest and most stable option for your needs.

We want to make sure everyone possible with mobility challenges gets as much freedom and independence as possible. We offer steel, wood and aluminum options for wheelchair ramps. We also offer rentals when available for short term use or so you can try out an option. Our ramps come in modules so they can be put together quickly in a custom-designed ramp to meet your specific needs. Let one of NSM’s Blue Shirt Professionals help you move about more freely and independently.