Orca F Bath Lift by Clarke Health Care

The latest technology for safe and carefree bathing. The Orca F bathlift comes from a family of high quality bath products. Orca F is a battery powered bath seat that will lower and raise you again in your tub. Enjoy a long soak and the therapeutic effects of a warm bath. Use your tub without fear of sliding or falling. The hand remote has easily identified up and down buttons and low power indicator. Self release suction cups adhere securely to smooth tub floors and the seat flaps will rest on the top of the tub to allow a stable transfer.

Orca F uses a state-of-the-art hand control with integrated battery. The latest lithium-ion manganese-based rechargeable battery pack has total discharge protection and no memory effect. A low battery indicator will light on the hand control when the battery needs to be recharged. A safety feature will not allow the lift to lower when there is not enough power to rise again. Hand control plugs into charger for recharge.

A high backrest with molded neck support can be folded forward by just one hand. The maintenance-free actuator is both powerful and silent. Orca F has a stable and rust-free frame, reinforced lifting scissors and bottom plate.

Orca F has a non-slip textured surface and comes with removable, washable covers. The bathlift disassembles into easy to carry parts; back, seat and hand control.

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