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Answering Common Questions About Harmar Lifts: Part 2

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In the last post, we answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Harmar lifts. However, there are still a number of questions that need to be addressed in order to properly determine the right product for your mobility needs. Here are some answers to some more common questions about Harmar lifts.

Is a stair lift the same as a vertical platform lift?
No, the two are very different products that serve very different purposes. While a stair lift is designed to carry the patient up and down full flights of stairs, a vertical platform lift, sometimes referred to as a VPL, is designed to transport a scooter, wheelchair, or power chair up and down distances ranging from two feet to 14 feet.


Vertical Platform Lift for Wheelchairs

Vertical Platform Lift

Harmar explains, “A VPL can be used inside or outside the home to move a mobility device and its user from ground level to an elevated porch, deck or second level. A VPL has a much smaller footprint than a ramp which would require a gradual slope and much longer space.” The biggest difference between stair lifts and vertical platform lifts are their capabilities.

I have a curved staircase; is there a Harmar lift for me?
Yes! Unlike some accessibility product manufacturers, which only design stair lifts for straight staircases, Harmar developers have designed high-quality curved staircase lifts that work as effortlessly as their straight stairway counterparts. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to contact a local NSM branch. We are a certified Harmar lift dealer.

Harmar Curved Stairlift

Harmar Curved Stairlift

What if my stair lift malfunctions?
If you feel as though there is a mechanical problem with your Harmar wheelchair lift or stair lift, stop the machine and remove any attached vehicles. If there is a footrest equipped in the device, fold it in. Unplug the system and plug it back in, and this should correct the issue. If you’re still having problems, consult the Harmar lift manual for specific troubleshooting suggestions.

By 2030, older adults (seniors) will account for roughly 20% of the U.S. population. And ultimately, being aware of the basic benefits that come with stair lifts can help you make the best investment in your mobility, your health, and your overall quality of life. For more information about Harmar commercial and home stairlift solutions, contact NSM.

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Answering Common Questions About Harmar Lifts: Part 1

harmar lift dealers

According to HomeAdvisor’s 2016 Aging in Place Report, home service professionals say the top aging-in-place projects they’ve been hired to do include installing grab bars (71%) and adding entryway wheelchair ramps (54%). But when it comes to accessibility standards, lifts are also an essential piece of equipment for mobility assistance. Before you reach out to Harmar lifts dealers to invest in your own personal Harmar stair lift, however, it’s important to understand the basic capabilities that these lifts have to offer. Here’s part one of our FAQ regarding Harmar commercial and home stairlift solutions.

What is a stair lift?
A stairlift is a motorized device that has the ability to carry a person up or down a stairway. The person sits on the chair as it glides up or down the stairway’s steps. Stairlifts come in models that are designed for indoor or outdoor use; outdoor use stairlifts are designed to withstand even severe weather conditions. Consult with Harmar lift dealers to hear about which model is best suited for your mobility needs.

Harmar Lift

Harmar Lifts for Stairs

What type of maintenance do Harmar wheelchair lifts and stair lifts require?
Harmar products are designed and manufactured with low-maintenance features in mind. They are tested for quality assurance and therefore should not need much maintenance whatsoever. For specific details regarding the maintenance needs of your lift, consult the Harmar lift manual.

How do I determine which types of lifts are compatible with my mobility device or vehicle?
Contact an NSM branch to hear about which products are most suitable for your needs. We are a Harmar lift dealer  There are such a wide range of Harmar products available, and there’s bound to be a solution that works perfectly for you.

Can my Harmar lift be plugged into the electrical wiring on my current vehicle?
No. All Harmar lift devices are powered by electrical harnesses, which come fully supplied with each lift. The harness is equipped with full-length leads that are designed to be directly attached to the lift’s battery.

Ultimately, knowing the answers to these common questions surrounding Harmar lift products can help you make the most well-rounded and informed decision regarding your mobility needs. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we’ll answer some more common questions about Harmar lifts.