making your business accessible for those with disabilities

Four Ways to Make Your Business Accessible

Whatever your business involves, you can open it up to welcome the ever-growing population who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes and other devices to move through life. NSM can help your large or small businesses find the latest solutions to welcome and make it easier for everyone to move around inside and outside your location. That’s true customer service to make your place of business mobility friendly. We can help you install just a few modifications that will make a world of difference. Did you realize that over 7 million Americans depend on mobility devices to get around? We have locations all across the United States staffed with experienced local accessibility professionals to help you find ways to make it easier for all your customers to do business with you.

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp

  1. Wheelchair Ramps
    The first thing people who use wheelchairs or power scooters look for in a business is whether or not they can easily make it to the front door. They look for Wheelchair Ramps that are easy to navigate from the handicap parking space to the front door. Will it be a simple uncomplicated trip to your front entrance? Wheelchair ramps come in a variety of materials and colors to provide function and style. They are available in wood, steel and aluminum. Ramps should be designed and installed professionally to meet all ADA standards and codes while providing great safety, service, durability and drainage.Door Opener Switch
  2. Door Openers
    The next challenge for those who use mobility devices is your front door. Imagine trying to pull the door open and somehow get through in a wheelchair, walker or power scooter. That is an accident waiting to happen. That’s why an automatic Door Opener is essential for your business. It is like a welcoming friend opening the door to invite you in. Most automatic Door Openers can be installed on your existing door. The touch of a nearby button smoothly opens the door and holds it open with plenty of time for a person in a wheelchair to roll through, then slowly closes behind.Vertical Platform Lift
  3. Wheelchair Elevators
    If your business has any stairs or even an upper or lower level, a Vertical Platform Lift or a Wheelchair Elevator could be a viable solution to grant complete access for those who cannot navigate stairs or changes of elevation. Most models require very little floor space and need little change to your existing structure.Grab bars for businesses
  4. Bathroom Accessibility
    Ask your local accessibility professional to help you find new and innovative ways to make the bathroom in your business more disability friendly by installing proper grab bars.

Making your business more accessible is one of the highest forms of customer service. It’s the right thing to do.

Vehicle Lift for Minivans

Choosing the Correct Vehicle Lift for Your Wheelchair or Scooter

A vehicle lift for wheelchairs or scooters sure makes it easier to load and transport your mobility device with your personal vehicle. It can be one of your greatest accessibility tools since it opens up your world wherever you drive. When you begin looking for which type vehicle lift to get to transport your wheelchair or power scooter, there are some important points to take into consideration before making your final decision.

Vehicle Lift for MinivansWhat Type of Vehicle do You Have?

The make and model of your new or existing vehicle is important when it comes to selecting the proper fit in a Wheelchair or Scooter Lift. There are quite a few models to choose from that can be correctly installed on vans, cars, SUV’s, Crossovers or pickup trucks. Some vehicle lifts for wheelchairs are for carrying your device inside and others are transported outside the vehicle. It is vital to know what type vehicle you have to determine the proper lift. In the case of new vehicle purchases, there are some grants available for certain disability modifications, depending on the manufacturer. So that is another consideration.Vehicle Lifts for Wheelchairs

Do You Want to Transport Inside or Outside Your Vehicle?

There are benefits to both interior and exterior vehicle wheelchair lifts. A lift that carries your mobility device inside your vehicle is great for protecting from the weather. The indoor lifts are simple to operate. The person in the wheelchair or power scooter simply rolls onto the platform, then the lift is operated by a remote control to lift and store the wheelchair or scooter inside your van, SUV or Crossover. A lot of models leave second row seating open for passengers so you can take your wheelchair or scooter along with family and friends. There are even some models which leave room for third row seating but require folding up your wheelchair to take up less room. Exterior Vehicle Lifts for wheelchairs are usually platforms that allow the user to roll the device on, then it is lifted up and pulled by a hitch and trailer behind your vehicle. This is the best option for carrying more passengers and ease of loading and going.Big Lifter by Bruno

Weight Capacity Considerations

It is vital to know the weight your wheelchair or power scooter to select a Vehicle lift model which can handle the weight of your device. Your accessibility professional can help you choose a vehicle lift that can handle the weight of your device. If you have more than one device (one for lightweight shopping and quick trips and another for heavier durability for rough terrain) choose a lift that can handle your heaviest wheelchair or scooter. It is also critical to choose a hitch for the exterior models that can the correct weight capacity.

Work With a Trained Professional to Select and Install the Appropriate Lift

There are so many products available on the market to help transport your mobility device. Working with a trained professional will ensure that you are provided the most appropriate lift for your car, truck, van or SUV. NSM has dozens of branches across the country staffed with accessibility consultants, trained by the manufacturers of these lifts, and can assist you in accessing your situation for the most appropriate solution. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, vehicle assessment.

Wheelchair ramps for homes

Differences in Wood, Steel and Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps, often referred to as Handicap Ramps, are one of the most universal ways to provide easy access to homes, schools, public places and businesses. People who use a mobility device such as a power or manual wheelchair or power scooter or even walkers will tell you what a welcome sight ramps are any time there are changes in elevation. In 2016, it was estimated over 2.2 million Americans depending on wheelchairs for mobility. Another 6.5 used canes, walkers or crutches to get around. There is a great need for wheelchair ramps in every arena of life. There are models for every situation.

Since each location is unique, the design and measurements will be individualized. Let one of NSM’s professionals measure and design the layout so it meets all ADA standards. They are knowledgeable in knowing how much space is needed for turns and the safe degree of angels. We carry National Ramp Wheelchair Ramps. Next you can decide which material to craft your ramp from.

Wooden Wheelchair Ramp Installation

Wooden Wheelchair Ramps

  • The most economical investment up front
  • Great choice for private residences or small apartments or businesses
  • Pressure treated to endure weather
  • Warm natural look which can be painted or stained to match any style
  • Wood deck spacing to allow proper drainage

Steel Wheelchair Ramp

Steel Wheelchair Ramps

  • Attractive, heavy duty powder coated steel has a three year warranty
  • Textured flooring protects from slip and falls and allows for immediate drainage
  • Due to its modular design, it can be quickly put into any configuration for your property
  • The unique cone mounted rail guards offer extra strength and durability
  • Since it holds up to 800lbs, it is a good choice for residential, public or commercial use

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Installation Garden City NY

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

  • Lifetime warranty and 100% maintenance free
  • The only aluminum open mesh on the market. Offers amazing drainage
  • Maximum traction for best safety feature
  • Powder coated color options to complement style
  • 800lb capacity makes it an excellent choice for commercial use

All of our Wheelchair Ramps are American made in modular sections making them the strongest safest and most durable ramps. The modular design makes them quick to install. NSM has a team of professionals to measure, design and install a ramp in your home or business to provide welcome access for wheelchair or scooter users. The local branch near you has an accessibility professional close by to consult with you at no obligation to help you choose whether you want a wood, steel or aluminum wheelchair ramp.