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3 Things to Consider When Determining the Best Wheelchair Ramp for You

With so many different options available for residential wheelchair ramps, it can be hard trying to find the product that’s truly best for your needs.

Besides materials such as aluminum and wood, you should also consider the type and style of ramp and weigh them against your needs. You wouldn’t purchase and install a permanent, multi-stage ramp if you only need a small ramp, right?

Below you will find a process to help you identify which type of ramp is best for you.

Identify Why You Need a Ramp
This may sound redundant, but in order for you to figure out which ramp is right for you, you’ll need to know why you need the ramp in the first place. Do you have a hard time lifting your feet above a certain height? Are you permanently in a wheelchair? These will determine the size and style of ramp that you choose, and if you need more than one.

Ramp Type
For those that are able to move around well enough, but have a hard time getting over the small lip at the base of the door, an entry ramp would be a suitable choice. They provide an easy slope over the bottom of the door frame, thus completely eliminating the hazard. Entry ramps can be used for more than doors as well, such as landings, a short stair, and anything generally under six inches in height. If more than six inches, a suitcase ramp may be needed. A suitcase ramp is much like an entry ramp, although it is able to extend farther and rise higher to provide a gentle slope for taller obstacles, such as two to four stairs.

The other aspect of ramp-type that you should consider is whether you need permanent or portable. If you thought the multi-stage ramp from before was perfect for your needs, then that would be considered a permanent ramp and would need a contractor or professional installation. If you want to remove your ramp and bring it with you to other places, such as a second home, then a portable ramp would suit you well.

Ramp Size
The last thing you should think about is the ramp size. Dependable handicap ramps can come in any size, but depending on your height, and ADA requirements and accessibility standards, you might need a larger or smaller ramp. You will also need to consider weight capacity to ensure that your ramp is able to handle the weight of your needs, which for those with electric wheelchairs, will be higher than just their own body weight.

Even though there are many handicap ramps available, it’s important that you find the best one for you. An older adult is treated for a fall in the ER every 11 seconds, so it’s important for your safety and well-being that you get the perfect ramp.

Looking at wheelchair ramps? Give us a call today to hear what we can do for you.

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