How Will You Transfer Your Wheelchair Outside Your Home?

How Will You Transfer Your Wheelchair Outside Your Home?

How Will You Transfer Your Wheelchair Outside Your Home?

Are you searching for the best way to transport your wheelchair when you leave your home? One of the greatest freedoms for anyone who uses a wheelchair is to be able to leave their home and go where they want. You can equip your new or current vehicle to make it safe and simple to load and transport your mobility device. You need the assistance of an accessibility professional to help you determine the proper lift for your vehicle and unique mobility challenge. The model you need also depends on the weight of your wheelchair or scooter, and the weight load capacity of the Vehicle Lift. Here are a few available types of Vehicle Lifts which save back injuries and time:

Exterior Vehicle Lifts

Exterior Wheelchair Lift

The lifts that carry your wheelchair or scooter on the outside of your vehicle are helpful if you have a car as opposed to a larger vehicle, or if you need the space inside your vehicle for extra passengers or cargo. Select from Chariot or trailer type models that are pulled behind your vehicle or models which lift and hitch directly to the back of your vehicle.

Interior Vehicle Lifts

Interior Vehicle Lift

There are Hoist Vehicle Lifts which are installed inside your vehicle and swing out to lift your wheelchair or scooter and then swing it inside your van or SUV or Crossover. The Platform Interior Vehicle Lifts have a platform which is lowered out of the inside of your vehicle. The wheelchair is moved onto the platform and is then lifted inside. Most Interior Vehicle Lifts enable you to keep your second row seating in your vehicle. One of the benefits of having an interior Vehicle Lift is keeping it out of the weather when you transport it.

Pick up Vehicle Lift

Pick-Up Truck Vehicle Lift

There are some specialized lifts for your wheelchair to be lifted from the driver or passenger side up and into the bed of the pick up so you can go when you want.

Vehicle Ramps

Vehicle Wheelchair Ramp

Check out the variety of ramps which can be installed in your van to easily load and transport your wheelchair. You can also choose portable or foldable ramps which can easily be folded up and transported along with your wheelchair to be used at other places.

Transfer Seats for Vehicles

Valet Seat

Some other choices to make it easier to access your vehicle are the Transfer Seats which include a Stow-Away model that stows away under your Van, truck, SUV or Crossover and swings out and up to help you transfer easily and safely from your wheelchair to the vehicle seat. The Valet Transfer Seat actually replaces your vehicle seat and the touch of a button causes it to swivel out and down to grant easy and safe access. These transfer seats are used in conjunction with your choice of Vehicle Lift.

Your local NSM professional is dedicated to helping you find the right solutions.

How Will You Get In and Out of Your Home in Your Wheelchair?

How Will You Get In and Out of Your Home in Your Wheelchair?

How Will You Get In and Out of Your Home in Your Wheelchair?

Just because you’re in a wheelchair does not mean you have to stay at home—even when there are steps involved. There are multiple accessibility tools to help you go safely in and out of your own residence as independently as possible. Ask your local NSM professional to help you decide which solution is the best fit for your unique space and mobility limitation. There are some great choices to give you and your caregiver more freedom to go where you want when you want.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps are the most universally-used product to grant easy access in and out of your home. The highly rated National Ramps we carry are available in wood, heavy steel, or lifetime aluminum which offers different price ranges and benefits. All our ramps meet all ADA safety codes to give the safest slope, measurements, and anti-slip flooring. Our ramps are designed for function and beauty. The wood can be stained or painted. The steel and aluminum are available in choices of powder-coated colors to complement your exterior. There are small portable ramps to access a single step outside your home. Whether you need to rent a ramp for a short recovery or purchase for long-term use, our professionals can measure and install the perfect ramp to help you have the freedom to enter and exit your home easily and safely.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts

Perhaps you don’t have room for a ramp or you want a solution that is even easier to get you in and out of your home. Ask about our line of Vertical Platform Lifts also known as Wheelchair Elevators. Choose from open or enclosed platforms which lift the person in a wheelchair or scooter (and their caregiver, if needed) up and down to give you easy access to your home at the touch of a button. Most require very little, if no, changes to your structure since they are self-contained. These elevators are available for indoor or outdoor use.

Incline Platform Lifts

Incline Platfrom Lift for Stairs

There are also platforms designed to carry a person seated in a wheelchair up and down a rail system installed along your exterior or interior stairs to help you get safely in and out of your home with any kind of elevation change.

Door Openers

Door Opener

Another great tool for granting easy access is an automatic door opener which can be installed on exterior or interior doors. The control can be mounted on the wheelchair or a nearby wall. The door opens long enough to let the wheelchair pass safely through then closes.

4 Essential Questions for a New Wheelchair User

Contact your local NSM professional who is dedicated to helping your find answers to all your mobility questions.

We are honored to deliver thousands of new wheelchairs a year to people across the country at National Seating & Mobility. It’s important to us that you gain the most accessibility possible with your wheelchair. This could be the first wheelchair you or your loved one has, or perhaps you just updated to a more innovative model. Either way, there are four critical questions you should ask to ensure you get the optimal mobility from your new manual or powered wheelchair.

1. How will you get in and out of your home?

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp

Stairs or changes in elevation are the biggest obstacle in your own home. There are some amazing solutions for both indoor and outdoor stairs. Wheelchair Ramps are one of the most widely used solutions. We have Ramps available in wood, heavy duty steel and lifetime aluminum. Wheelchair lifts are another solution. The Vertical Wheelchair Lifts are like small elevators. Inclined Platform Lifts carry a person in a wheelchair up and downstairs on a rail system. We even have simple solutions like threshold ramps for slight steps or rough thresholds, as well as Automatic Door Openers. Learn more about these possible ways to make it easier to get in and out of your home in a wheelchair.

2. How will you transfer in and out of your wheelchair?

Patient Lift

It is important to make it safe and easy to get in and out of your wheelchair. Having the correct Patient Lift can give you more independence, make the transfer less stressful and time-consuming, and prevent serious injury to both the user and caregiver. There is a great selection of portable, overhead, bariatric, and hygiene lifts. Ask one of our accessibility professionals to help you find the perfect Patient Lift for your unique situation.

3. How will you manage your hygiene and bathing needs?

Grab Bars

Most bathrooms are not designed with wheelchairs in mind. There are a host of solutions for making the smallest but most important room of your home safer, easier to use and more accessible without taking out a loan. One of our experienced professionals can consult with you to see if one of our many styles of Grab Bars, Overhead Lifts, Patient Lifts or Sliding Transfer Systems might be just the answer you need to safeguard against falls and lifting injuries while offering greater independence and privacy in the bathroom.

4. How to transport your wheelchair to activities outside your home?

Vehicle Lift

Don’t limit your life to your home just because you use a wheelchair. There are lots of models of Vehicle lifts designed to make it as simple as pushing a button to lift and load your wheelchair in your new or existing van, SUV, car, or truck. Models are available to transport your wheelchair inside or outside your vehicle. We even have valet seating that lifts you up into the vehicle.

Contact your local NSM professional who is dedicated to helping your find answers to all your mobility questions.

Advantages of Trifold and Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Advantages of Trifold and Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Advantages of Trifold and Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

The advantages of having a portable ramp are as many as the different applications you will use it for. It is definitely one of the most versatile accessibility products available. They fold out to give you safe access wherever you go. The ramps simply fold up suitcase style to offer easy transport and storage of the ramp. Take it with you wherever you go in your vehicle. You never know what situations you will get into where you need a ramp and one is not available (like a curb or inaccessible steps at a friend’s home, doctor visit, shopping, park, movie, church…) They can handle the heavy weight of a power scooter,  motorcycle or two people and a mobility device.

SUITCASE Graphite Fiber ramp

Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp

You need to consult your Accessibility professional to determine which size foldable handicap ramp you need, and which length is best for you. The trifold sections can be folded out three times for easy storage, or be easily split into two folded sections for lighter transport. The single fold ramps come in shorter lengths and require only one fold. The all have a suitcase style handle to carry them with. They are durable, have non-skid surfaces and can be semi-permanently staked into place or used for many other purposes such as listed:

  • To easily access wheelchairs or scooters in and out of vans or minivans.
  • Take them when riding in a non-equipped vehicle.
  • To make your home accessible when a friend or relative is visiting.
  • To take with you when visiting a family or friend’s home that is not accessible.
  • Many have used these portable ramps for access ramps for mowers, four wheelers and motorcycles into a shed or the back of a truck or trailer.
  • To grant access up/down a back porch or front entrance.
  • To give safe easy access into a lower garage.
  • To give temporary access anywhere you go.
Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Tri-Fold Wheelchair Ramp

Ask your Accessibility Professional to help you find the perfect size for your particular needs. Ask about the warranty. Find out how taking a portable ramp with you opens up your world to whatever situation that is before you.

Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

Take Your Accessibility Wherever You Go

The United States has come a long way in making more places accessible for those with mobility challenges. People who depend on wheelchairs, power scooters, walkers, canes or who are unable to navigate stairs due to age or health are still finding many places they cannot access. Now you can take your accessibility with you wherever you go. There are a lot of foldable and portable ramps that you can keep stored in your vehicle so you are always ready to go even if there is not a handicap ramp in place. Maybe it is to go visit a friend or relative’s home that is not accessible—or a park, restaurant, office, shop—anywhere that does not have an accessibility ramp. Riding in a friend’s vehicle? Don’t let that stop you! Just bring your own ramp!

Single Fold Portable Ramps

SUITCASE Graphite Fiber ramp

These Single Fold ramps bridge the gap over steps, curbs and raised landings. The 5ft and 6ft ramps can also double as ramps to enter and exit most minivans. Simply unfold the hinged ramp. Position for maximum safety and support, or fold in half and carry like a suitcase. Take it with you for whenever you need it.

Tri-Fold Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Trifold Wheelchair Ramp

The Tri-fold® Advantage Series ramp, with its unique 3-fold design, provides the length required for wheelchairs and scooters to easily access steps, vehicles and raised landings. They can be carried as a set, or quickly separated into two individual sections – making it even easier to use, carry and store. The Trifold Ramp is available in 5, 6,7, 8 and 10 ft lengths. Easy to store in your vehicle so you have it when you need it.

Threshold Scooter & Wheelchair Ramps


Threshold ramps are a small lightweight, durable and modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors and raised landings. One can be used by itself or two can be combined to allow for passage over raised areas. These mobility ramps are both great for scooters and wheelchairs. They are small enough to move from door to door or take along with you on an errand or a road trip.

Contact one of our professional accessibility professionals to see which portable ramp will meet your needs!

Gifts Ideas for mobility challenged

Gift Ideas for the Mobility Challenged

Gifts Ideas for mobility challenged

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift that could truly aide in greater independence, safety and accessibility for someone you love who has challenges moving freely through life? Maybe your loved one is in a wheelchair or power scooter uses a walker or cane. Perhaps they are simply growing older and need a little help moving about. Maybe their disability has left them with a lack of mobility due to a stroke, heart issues, traumatic injury, genetic disability, or from a progressive disease.  Here is a list of possible gift ideas:

Automatic Door Opener 

Door Opener Wall Switches

Installed in your home to make entry and exit easy as a push of a button.



Can be installed on your existing indoor or outdoor staircase to give a power ride up and downstairs

Power Lift Chair 

Lift Chair

A multi-positioning recliner that comes in up to 10 sizes that lets the user change positions with an easy control from sitting, napping, lying flat, watching TV, to assist in standing. Give them their new favorite chair.

Wheelchair Ramps 

Wheelchair Ramps

Come in various materials to give independent access anywhere there is a change in elevation.

Portable Ramps 

Portable Ramp

Can be folded and taken with you to provide access where there is no permanent ramp.

Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lift 

Platform Lift

A mini wheelchair elevator that can be installed in your home to access another level inside or outside.

Valet Seat

Valet Seat for Trucks

A power lift seat that lowers and swivels to aide in entering a vehicle.

Walk in Tub


There are various models that allow safe independent access to showering or bathing. Give the gift of privacy and independence. There is even a Safeway Walk-in Door that can add a door to your existing tub.

Bath Safety Products

Grab Bars

Grab bars, sliding shower chairs and toilet seats all make thoughtful gifts to make the bathroom safer and more private.

Transportable Commode/Shower Chair 


For the person on the go, this foldable chair can double as a shower chair or commode that travels.

Stocking Stuffers

Reacher or grabber, bedside tray, a hanging organizer for wheelchair or powerlift chair.

Remember that your loved one will not only enjoy the gift that adds to their independence and accessibility, but they will treasure time with you.

Portable Ramp

Differences between modular and portable wheelchair ramps

When there are so many different types of Wheelchair Ramps on the market, it is good to be informed before making your final decision on which type best suits your specific needs. A Handicap or Wheelchair ramp can be a vital asset to your home, business, school, church or office. It can make the difference on whether or not you, your loved one, or clients can even enter the front door. Ramps not only offer access to those using wheelchairs or power scooters, but make it safer for anyone with any type of mobility issue including those using a walker, knee scooter, crutches, a cane, pushing a stroller, or those who simply are unable to navigate stairs or steps. A common question seems to be about the difference between modular and portable ramps.

Modular Wheelchair Ramp

Modular Wheelchair Ramps

  • Crafted in modular sections at the factory to meet all ADA standards and codes
  • Offers quick installation by factory-trained crew
  • Available in attractive materials: natural wood, heavy duty steel, and maintenance-free aluminum depending on anticipated traffic, design and budget
  • Aluminum and Steel offer textured or mesh non skid flooring
  • Can be used for temporary or long term use
  • Can be installed without damaging your existing structure
  • Offers safe welcome access to those with any type of mobility challenge
  • Can be relocated or modified if needed by moving or adding sections
  • Often available to be rented
  • Can be removed and sold when no longer needed

Portable Ramp

Portable Wheelchair Ramps

  • Can be used for special occasions (weddings, graduations, house guests…)
  • Excellent solution for short term use  such as anticipated short recovery period
  • Foldable ramps for  vans
  • Specialty ramps like to go over rough thresholds
  • Ramps on wheels which can be moved around (great to access stages, platforms, altars…)


Ask for a free consultation from an experienced accessibility professional to evaluate your space and needs to help determine whether a modular or portable Wheelchair Ramp will be the best solution for you, your loved one, your church, school, or business. A Wheelchair Ramp is one of the most critical ways to offer safe, independent access.

Aluminum Ramp

Should I rent or purchase a wheelchair ramp?

Aluminum Ramp

If you are wondering if you should purchase or rent a wheelchair ramp, a simple rule of thumb is if you think you will need the ramp for six months or less, consider renting. It is even possible to rent a wheelchair ramp for one day for special occasions such as weddings, graduations or for a houseguest. Wheelchair Ramps can be permanent or temporary, depending on the needs of your home, business, church or school.

NSM offers National Ramps which are highly-rated, quality-crafted handicap wheelchair ramps which are available in different materials including wood, steel and aluminum. If you rent, that will be taken into consideration. One of our accessibility professionals can offer a free consultation to help you decide which material. We can measure and configure ramps which will custom fit your particular area and need. Since our ramps are crafted at the factory and modular in design so they can be quickly installed and used immediately. If your rental ramp turns into a longer-term need, we can use it to apply to purchase.

Rental options are perfect for:

  • Short-term rehabilitation (after surgery, stroke, etc)
  • Hospice or end-of-life situations
  • Rental properties
  • Houseguest with disabilities
  • Special Events
  • Residential and Commercial Installations

Whether you purchase or rent a ramp, our ramps are attractive, safe and meet all ADA standards and codes. NSM has beautiful and affordable warm natural wood ramps, portable ramps, Heavy duty powder-coated steel ramps and lifetime maintenance–free Aluminum ramps with mesh flooring. All our ramps are skid resistant, with highest safety ratings and quickly installed by an experienced team.

Make your home, school, church, business or any public place more welcoming and accessible to those with any kind of mobility challenge- whether they are using a wheelchair, power scooter, walker, knee scooter, or simply aging and unable to navigate the stairs or any changes in elevation.

mobility ramps

Wheelchair Ramps are Not Only for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair and scooter ramps

When you think of Wheelchair Ramps, you automatically think of them for wheelchair use. However, ramps are a critical safety apparatus for multiple users in your home, church, school or business. A ramp is much safer and easier to use than stairs for anyone with any type of mobility issue. Think of the various people and equipment which may need to access your steps or change in elevation. A safe even slope is much better to navigate than steps are. A ramp greatly reduces fall risks when compared to steps. Ramps are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of materials, depending on your application and the amount of traffic it needs to carry. There are appealing Ramps designed for interior or exterior use. Consider how welcome and helpful a Ramp (instead of steps) would be for these users:


  • Anyone using a Rollator or Walker of any type.
  • A young family pushing an infant stroller and trying to help a toddler at the same time.
  • Someone using crutches due to a foot or leg injury.
  • An elderly person (even without the assistance of a walker) who is already a high fall risk.
  • A person recovering from hip, foot or knee surgery using a knee scooter.
  • A shopper going in or out the door while bags obscure their vision and offset their balance.
  • Someone who is weak from illness or chemo treatments.
  • One who suffers from vertigo or poor balance.
  • A busy toddler who runs ahead of parents.
  • When weather conditions make stairs unsafe.
  • An expectant mother whose balance is not in peak performance.
  • Any type of delivery that requires carrying boxes by hand or a handtruck.
  • Those who are on oxygen or have breathing issues which leaves them easily winded.
  • Anyone weak from heart problems or other health challenges who cannot safely navigate steps.

Wheelchair Ramp

The useful ways mobility ramps are used is endless. It’s true that there are hundreds of thousands in America who use manual or power wheelchairs, as well as power scooters, who depend on ramps to access homes, churches, businesses, clinics, parks, malls, offices. Yet when you really think about it, millions of other people need ramps for various reasons, as well.

home modifications for disabilities

Home Modifications for the Disabled

home modifications for disabilities

There may need to be some changes made in your present home to accommodate the use of a wheelchair. Often a few simple changes can make life so much easier and allows the disabled person using the wheelchair to be as independent as possible. These modifications can be as simple as installing grab bars in the bathroom or as detailed as building an attached apartment for the person in the
wheelchair or possibly for their caregiver. These modifications could be temporary if the patient is expected to regain strength and use of legs, or the changes to your home may need to be more permanent to provide long-term accessibility for someone with more permanent disabilities. Here a few possible Home modifications to consider when planning for a child, adult or aging person who uses a wheelchair to move around:

  • Install lever faucet handles which can be easily reached to flip on/off instead of turning a knob on/off by twisting.
  • Put in grab bars to help with safe movement in the bath and by the toilet. Grab bars can even be installed to assist in getting out of bed.
  • Use automatic door openers so the person in a wheelchair can use controls to open doors. These automatic openers can be used for interior and exterior doors, as well as gates.
  • In some cases, doorways need to be widened for easier passage through with a wheelchair. You can place a threshold ramp over a rough or bumpy threshold to make for smooth passage.
  • Wheelchair ramps are one of the most common modifications where there is a change in elevation. They are available in various materials, for residential and commercial use and allow easy entrance and exit.
  • Increase lighting and remove throw rugs to reduce falls.
  • Consider putting in a security system to protect and to be able to call for help if needed.
  • Where existing stairs make certain areas inaccessible to the person in a wheelchair, you can install a stairlift, an inclined platform lift or a Vertical Platform Lift which is also referred to as a Wheelchair elevator.
  • Kitchen counters can be lowered for easier access for the person in a wheelchair or a Jazzy Air Chair can be used that raises and lowers the person in the actual wheelchair.
  • Walk-in tubs, and transfer benches and lifts can all be considered to make bath time easier and safer.

When considering home modifications to make life more accessible for a disabled person in a wheelchair, remember aging and some diseases are progressive. So plan modifications remembering that what they can do today might not be a capability 5-10 years from now. It is helpful to have an Occupational Therapist or an accessibility professional evaluate your home for your particular needs. There are a lot of changes that will make life so much easier in your own home.