Bruno Lifts – Stairs, Vehicles and Platforms

NSM is proud to carry American-made Bruno Lifts. These high quality and innovative designed lifts help those who require mobility assistance to move easily from one level to the next. Bruno lifts are uniquely created by compassionate craftsmen for each particular home, business or public building with the thought of helping any age who is mobility-challenged move around more independently through their world.

Founder, Mike Bruno, who was a veteran, worked for a stairlift manufacturer and a company that built van floors which lowered to accommodate wheelchairs.   He launched Bruno when the minivan became popular in the 1980’s. He saw the opportunity for more people who had wheelchairs or power scooters to be able to install a Bruno vehicle lift in their private van, car or truck. It was one of the first manufacturers to make vehicle lifts in the USA. Bruno always has its eye towards quality innovation, safety and convenience for those who need assistance moving their mobility device from home to vehicle to destination and back again.

When Bruno started designing and manufacturing their line of Bruno stairlifts, Mike was the first to design a battery operated stairlift (which is now standard in the stairlift industry). Bruno stairlifts are made with care and pride to help those who have challenges navigating stairs or multiple levels. Perhaps age, loss of limb, stroke, illness, or injury has made it impossible to access the upper levels. One of Brunos curved or straight stairlifts makes those levels accessible in a home, business, church or public place.

NSM offers personalized consultation to see if one of our Bruno vertical platform lifts can help gain easier access with an indoor or outdoor platform lift also known as Wheelchair lifts. These can carry someone who moves with the aid of a wheelchair or power scooter up or downstairs, up or down to a raised entry, up or down from a raised deck. We carry both residential and commercial Bruno vertical platform lifts. A commercial Bruno vertical Platform lift can be used in a school, church, business or public building. One of NSM Blue Shirt Professionals can help make sure the Bruno lift you need meets ADA codes.

Check out the Bruno Made in the USA video on this page. Here is a copy of the transcript of the video:

Bruno’s been around for over 30 years, designing and manufacturing products for people with limited mobility. Whether they need to get into their vehicle, or take their wheelchair or scooter to work, or they need help getting in and out of their house or up and down their stairs, Bruno products help them maintain their independence.

We custom fabricate every rail, each lift is specifically conformed to each house. Every job is different. Bruno and all of us that work here take a lot of pride in producing the best product for our customers

We put out a very high-quality product. Very proud of the work that I do here. It’s handmade, made in the United States. What more can you ask for? We help people.

We make parts here in the US for people with limited mobility in their everyday life. The coolest thing is when you’re actually out and about and you see your product in somebody’s car or somebody’s home, and we’re helping them. It’s a pretty cool feeling.

Bruno’s commitment to our consumer is that we build innovative products, we have the highest quality of products in our industry. We have the best dealer network that helps the customers select the appropriate product for their needs, and then we stand behind our products, and we make sure that our products work for our customers and help them maintain their independence.

We’re part of a customer care team here at Bruno to answer that customer’s questions about what do I need, how do I use your product, and how is Bruno product going to help me in the end? We wanna make sure that the Bruno products are effective now, but also in the future.

We take pride in what we do and the parts we make and the products that we put out. Bruno makes one of the highest quality products available, and it’s made right here in America.