Harmar Stair Lift Solutions

From the viewpoint of one who gets around in a wheelchair or someone who cannot manage the rigors of climbing stairs, looking at a flight of stairs in a business or even in their home might as well be like looking up at Mount Everest. The upper level is virtually impossible to access—until a Harmar Stair lift is installed. It’s like riding a comfortable chair lift up the stairs. A whole new level is literally opened up.

NSM offers a line of Harmar Stair lifts which allows users to sit in a safe comfortable chair that rides along a rail attached to the wall of the staircase. Perhaps a business or public place has more than one level, a Harmar stair lift gives access to those who cannot climb the staircase. If an injury, illness, age or disability has made it impossible for you or your loved one to maneuver stairs in your home, adding a Harmar stair-lift enables you to utilize all levels of your home once again. Perhaps, it can offer another option besides moving to a single level home. Sometimes a single level is not even a choice.

Harmar Stair lifts power you safely up or down the staircase with a touch of a button. We carry designs made for straight or curved staircases inside your home or business. NSM even carries a Harmar Stairlift for outside use.

NSM can help you select the appropriate Harmar stair lift for your home

As always, our Blue Shirt professionals come to your home or place of business at no cost to assess which stair lift is right for you. We are dedicated to offering the highest degree of service, installation and advice. We even offer short term rental solutions. AssessNSM has a mission to make it easier for the mobility-challenged to move through this world—even if it entails going up or downstairs.

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