Harmar Wheelchair Lift Solutions

If you or your loved one struggles with an injury or physical challenge that hinders away-from-home activities, one of our Harmar wheelchair lift solutions may dramatically increase freedom to go more places and live life more fully. NSM offers Harmar wheelchair lifts to help you easily load and transport scooters and wheelchairs. Our line of wheelchair power lifts can be easily fitted and installed by one of our Blue Shirt professionals on your personal van, car or truck.

The simple touch of a button raises the lift so your wheelchair or scooter can be locked in place and securely transported to your desired destination. Once you’ve arrived, another touch of the button lowers the wheelchair lift and allows the user to ride off in their power scooter or chair. We have a model which should prove compatible with your existing vehicle. NSM carries Harmar wheelchair vehicle lifts to fit cars, vans or trucks. Contact your local NSM representative to see which Harmar wheelchair lift best fits your particular vehicle, wheelchair and needs.

Having the capability to easily load and transport a wheelchair or power scooter opens up a whole new level of independence for both the user and caregiver. In fact, it widens the world of someone who depends on a wheelchair or scooter to move through life. Not only do medical appointments become more manageable, but all types of activities become more accessible such as trips to stores, school, malls, movies, fishing, the zoo, family functions, church, vacations…

NSM can help you select the appropriate Harmar wheelchair lift

AccessNSN is proud to carry Harmar Wheelchair lifts in order to give more independence to veterans, the elderly, and all ages facing major challenges just moving through life. We are continually inspired by the strength, courage, and perseverance of those we serve. As always, it is our desire to help you gain more mobility both in and away from your home. Contact a local branch for a free evaluation.