MaxiComforter Series Lift Chairs by Golden Technologies

Golden’s exclusive MaxiComforter series is now available in six sizes, including the all-new Tall and Extra Wide! The MaxiComforters feature a plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support, a soft, comfortable seat and our unique “grip rite” arm design. Every MaxiComforter comes standard with our patented MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology for possible spinal alignment, back pressure relief, and improved circulation.

  • Featuring Patented MaxiComfort recline technology, the world’s only two motor power lift and recline chair with our adjustable active seat option.
  • MaxiComfort recline options include TV Watching, Zero Gravity, Sleep, and Trendelenburg.
  • Offering Autodrive with programmable memory settings (Not Available on the M26)
  • Optional Power Pillow for powered head and neck comfort
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs to 500lbs
  • Fits all users between 4’8″ to 6’8″
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty; wood and metal
  • 7 Year warranty; motor and electronics
  • Available in 6 sizes: Junior Petite (PR505JP), Small (PR505S), Medium (PR505M), Large (PR505L), Tall (PR505T), and 500 lbs (PR505-M26).

Maxi Comfort from Golden is the most comfortable lift recliner in the world. It’s patented technology glides smoothly into a variety of positions not found on most recliners. Everyone loves the programmable auto drive control, you can lift and recline, watch TV or sleep, and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in zero gravity. Made by American workers and backed by the industries best warranties. Feel relaxed in the Maxi Comfort Lift Recliner, contact NSM today for more information.

MaxiComforter Fabrics

MaxiComforter Series Fabrics

MaxiComfort Lift Chair Position Overview Videos

TV Watching Position

In the TV watching position, the seat glides while the foot rest raises your feet, keeping the back of the chair angled at 90 degrees. This design reduces friction and discomfort, and creates a soothing angle to cradle your body in comfort while doing many of your favorite activities. You can read, watch TV, or use your laptop computer with ease. MaxiComfort provides ergonomic upper body positioning in an effort to minimize neck and shoulder strain.

Sleep Position

Many people improve their sleep using the exclusive MaxiComfort power recline that glides you into the perfect sleep position with a touch of a button. If you find yourself sleeping in your recliner, experience the luxury of a power recline chair that offers so many positions for the best night’s sleep. Consider the MaxiComfort life and recline chair to become your luxurious respite during the day for a rejuvenating nap or for a great night’s sleep night after night.

Trendelenburg Position

The Trendelenburg position is great for the ultimate stretch of your entire back as well as improving circulation. Created by German physician Friedrich Trendelenburg, this position raises the feet above the head. Many doctors prescribe the therapeutic benefits of the Trendelenburg position for congestive heart failure, edema, or other circulatory conditions where patients needs to raise their legs above their heart for certain periods of time each day. The Trendelenburg position assists you in stretching the lumbar are of your back while improving circulation throughout the entire body.

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity position is prescribed by doctors for correct spinal alignment, back pressure relief, expanded lung capacity, improved circulation. MaxiComfort chairs easily take you to the pressure-free comfort of the Zero Gravity position. In this physician recommend posture, the spine, hip and knee joints are on the balanced mid-point of the muscles. With the MaxiComfort Power recline system, the seat moves up and down to pivot your hips into this physically beneficial Zero Gravity position. This results in natural relaxation, and minimum muscle tension. Spinal pressure and muscle tension are relieved. Circulation is improved and feelings of fatigue melt away.

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