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From our Abilene TX branch of NSM, we are dedicated to serving our neighbors in most of West Texas who have mobility challenges. If you use a wheelchair or power scooter to get around, we want to earn the right to be part of your team. We are constantly inspired by the courage and persistence of those we serve. Access National Seating and Mobility is honored to help you find new ways to move through life more effectively whether your mobility issues are from an injury, illness, birth, or growing older. Our national company utilizes the best combination of the most respected manufacturers of accessibility tools along with the most experienced professionals to aide you in finding up-to-date solutions for mobility in your home, vehicle or public places.

Our BlueShirt professionals are willing to have a no obligation consultation with you to see how we can find the very best products to help you move through life. We want to become your 360 Degree Complete Solution. NSM offers the most complete line of mobility access products along with the most experienced staff to serve you. We offer solutions to make it easier to move as independently as possible with our complete lines of stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, vehicle lifts, patient lifts, Lift Chairs, Bathroom accessibility products, and door openers.  Rentals are available as well. We are always nearby to assist you in any way we can.

Please call us at our branch office, fill out our Contact form or chat with us online. We will answer as quickly as we can to serve you in any way we can to help you move more freely through life.

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NSM Abilene Accessibility Solutions


Stairways can be a definite roadblock to those who can no longer navigate stairs. Installing a stairlift system along your existing stairs opens up access to all levels of your home or business. We offer stairlifts which custom fit straight or curved staircases, as well as stairways both indoors and outdoors. Our complete line of stair chair lifts even includes a platform lift which carries a wheelchair in use up and down the stairs.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are one of the most welcome sights to those who use wheelchairs or power scooters. We offer three price ranges of materials including aluminum, steel and natural wood. Make your home, school, business or public place easily accessible to those who use mobility devices. We also offer threshold ramps, portable ramps that fold to transport, and vehicle wheelchair ramps.

Vehicle Lifts

We can fit almost any vehicle with a hoist or platform lift to easily lift and transport your wheelchair or power scooter with you wherever you go. We have models to be fitted inside or outside your car, van, SUV or pickup truck or even products like the Valet Seat by Bruno. Our BlueShirt Professionals can help determine the best choice for your vehicle and mobility device.

Patient Lifts

One of our many patient lifts can keep safety and ease a priority  for both patient and caregiver in transferring those with mobility concerns. We have floor patient lifts, overhead patient lifts which are portable or can be installed, sit-to-stand lifts and patient slings. We can help you choose the right solution for your home, school or institution.

Lift Chairs

A lot of time is spent in a favorite easy chair for those with mobility challenges. We offer a perfect solution for getting in and out of that comfy chair with a great line of Lift Chairs. They are stylish with a wonderful selection of colors and fabrics. We can help you custom fit the user by size selection. And the remote capabilities help keep ease and independence at the forefront.

Door Openers

Most all doors and gates can be fitted with an electronic door opener so those in wheelchairs or power scooters can independently open doors with the simple touch of a button. Our line of door openers are easily adapted for home, business, school, or public use. Let’s make doors more accessible for those with mobility issues.

Bathroom Access

One of the most dangerous places in the home for those with mobility challenges is in the bathroom.  We have some amazing tools to make bathrooms safer and more accessible including walk-in tubs, shower chairs, grab bars, and a complete line of bathroom accessibility products. Let us help evaluate your bathroom for solutions.

Wheelchair Lifts

A mini elevator wheelchair lift or vertical platform lift could be the right solution for giving wheelchair or scooter users access to different levels in your home, school or business. NSM carries both enclosed and open platform lifts with easy to use controls for all types of disabilities. Most don’t require any major construction and have a small footprint.