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Austin, Texas is touted as one of the fastest growing large “up and coming” large cities in the US. NSM is the fastest growing accessibility company in our nation so it is fitting we have a branch to serve Austinites and our Texas neighbors in the surrounding areas. Our Austin accessibility professionals are dedicated to helping all our Austin neighbors who face life with any type of mobility issue. Whether you or your loved one uses a wheelchair, power scooter, walker or cane to navigate life, we are committed to assisting you find the best possible solutions to make your life more accessible.

You might be facing mobility challenges due to a stroke, progressive disease, a traumatic injury, a war wound or simply growing older. We carry the most innovative accessibility products to equip your home, vehicle, school, church, office or business to grant easy access for anyone who struggles to move about. Check out our lines of Wheelchair ramps available in wood, steel or aluminum, vehicle lifts to transport your wheelchair or scooter, Patient Lifts to safely lift and transition patients, Stairlifts for indoor or outdoor use, Automatic Door Openers, Power Lift Recliners, Wheelchair Elevators (Vertical Platform Lifts), and our Bath Safety lines to grant safe accessibility to one of the highest risk areas.

We offer no obligation consultation to help you find the solutions to all your mobility problems. It is our desire to become part of your team. NSM has all the benefits of a national company that partners the highest rated accessibility manufacturers and experts along with the personal service of a local branch. You can have the resources of decades of experience and the most innovative solutions. Call our Austin location or fill out our Contact form on this website. We are committed to helping you.

NSM Austin, TX Accessibility Solutions

Wheelchair Ramps Austin TX

Wheelchair Ramps

One of the main staples of accessibility tools is a Wheelchair or Handicap Ramp. We carry highly acclaimed National Ramps who builds modular sections in natural wood, heavy-duty steel or maintenance free aluminum. Our Austin professionals can measure to fit and ensure all ADA standards are met for a Wheelchair ramp for your home, school, church, office or business. We install them to safety, durability and as an attractive addition to your architecture.

Stairlifts Austin TX


Stairs are as big an obstacle as Texas to those who can no longer navigate them by themselves. One of best solutions is our line of Stairlifts. We carry models to fit straight, curved, spiral or multi-landing staircases. We can install the proper stairlift on your interior or exterior stairways. Our stylish comfortable seating offers a smooth lift along a rail system. We even have a platform model which can carry a wheelchair in use up and down stairs.

Wheelchair Lifts

A very viable yet often overlooked solution for multi-level areas in homes, schools, churches, apartments, offices and businesses is our line of Wheelchair Elevators, sometimes referred to as Vertical Platform Lifts. Most models take a minimal floor space and require very little change to your existing structure. We carry open and enclosed platforms for indoor or outdoor applications. Let us help you learn more about this option.

Vehicle Lifts

Austin is a town of drivers. We carry pioneers-in-the-field Bruno and Harmar Vehicle Lifts to make it easy to load your wheelchair or scooter and go where you want in your own vehicle. Our Austin professionals can assist you in selecting the proper lift for your new or existing car, van, SUV, cross-over or truck. Choose from platform or hoist models which can easily transport your mobility device inside or outside your personal vehicle.

Bathroom Access

One of the smallest yet most dangerous areas is the bathroom. Those with mobility issues already have challenges maneuvering—then you add a small space and slippery conditions. We can assist you in evaluating and equipping your bath area to ensure greater safety and access with our lines of grab bars, walk in tubs, shower chairs, transfer tools and hygiene lifts. Our Bath solutions can help with more independence, greater privacy and increased safety.

Patient Lifts

We can help save you or your staff from serious back injuries with one of our many Patients Lifts. Take away the musculoskeletal injury and the heavy stress of lifting and transitioning patients. We carry all types of portable, overhead, hygiene, bariatric, and therapeutic Patient Lifts along with a huge selection of slings, belts and accessories. Let our experts equip your home, school, or medical facility to help keep your patients and staff safe.

Lift Chairs

One of our most fun and practical products is from our lines of Power Lift Reclining Chairs. These versatile chairs not only give a needed lift from sitting to standing, but offer a variety of changes in positioning at the touch of a button. We offer up to ten sizes to fit any user, as well as your choice of color or fabric to complement any décor. Here’s a perfect solution for someone who needs to sit in a chair for prolonged time or if you are simply preparing to age at home.

Door Openers Austin Tx

Door Openers

A closed door is much more than that to someone using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane or who is growing older. A great solution for your private home, or a school, church or business is one of our Automatic Door Openers. The Open Sesame selection opens a closed door at the touch of a button and keeps it open long enough to easily go through, then closes slowly behind. They can be used on gates as well as doors to give independent access.