Wheelchair Platform Lifts in Austin, TX

If you live anywhere near the Austin Texas area, and have stairs or any type of elevation in your home, church, office, school or any other place- we have a solution for those who use wheelchairs or a power scooter. One of our incredible Wheelchair Platform lifts just might be the answer you need. These Vertical Platform lifts are sometimes called Wheelchair Elevators or Porch Lifts. The person using the wheelchair or scooter simply rides on to the platform and is lifted safely and smoothly to the next level. The units are self-contained and take up a relatively small amount of floor space but grant full access to areas that were previously unattainable.

We carry highly respected Harmar and Bruno lines which gives you a lot of possibilities for a perfect fit for inside or outside your home or commercial settings. We offer models with open or enclosed platforms. They are professionally installed and meet all ADA standards and codes. The controls are easy to operate and can be customized for special types of disabilities.

Our Wheelchair Elevators offer independent use at home and give a handicap-friendly welcome to churches, apartments, offices, schools and businesses wherever there are multi levels. Our Vertical Platform lifts are a great solution for raised entrances, lower decks, split-levels, Upper stories, basements, balconies… No shaft is needed since they are free-standing and very little changes are required to existing structures. This is indeed a great option to explore. We would be glad to help you learn more!

Call our Accessibility Professionals at our Austin location or fill in our Contact Form on our website. We will try to help you any way we can! We are committed to helping you and the entire Austin area find more ways to make life more accessible for anyone with any type mobility challenge.

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