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Our NSM branch in Broadview, IL provides high-quality and reliable accessibility solutions to residents. Our Blue Shirt professionals and sales representatives are constantly available to come to your home, evaluate your specific needs, and determine the best wheelchair ramps for you. Our Blue Shirt professionals are not subcontractors. They are our employees and have been trained by our company. This is a guarantee that you will receive only the best quality service. You’re welcome to contact our Broadview, IL branch today for a free consultation or quotation. We service all of Chicago as well as the entire state of Illinois.


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wooden wheelchair ramps chicago

Wooden Wheelchair Ramps

Our wooden wheelchair ramps are the most affordable option in our catalog. It features a natural wooden construction that is built from solid pine that has been pressure-treated. Our ramps are structurally strong due to a unique design that ensures they can not only carry different weights but are capable of lasting for a long time.

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Our aluminium ramps are the national standard when it comes to open mesh design. They are high-quality, premium ramps that allow different forms of precipitation to drain right through without collecting into puddles. They also offer an unmatched level of safety and structural integrity.

Steel Wheelchair Ramps

Our steel wheelchair ramps are among the more economical products in our product line. They are more economical than the premium aluminum wheelchair ramp but sacrifice nothing in terms of durability and strength. They are capable of fast installation, are highly durable, and are strong enough to handle different weights of wheelchairs and scooters. We are proud to say that they are the most popular choice for our customers.

Mobility Scooter Ramps

Scooter ramps are a modular, lightweight type of ramp that is designed for simpler situations, such as doorways and slightly raised landings. Due to the modular design, scooter ramps can be combined to cover areas that have been raised a little higher than normal. Scooter ramps are versatile and can be used with both wheelchairs and scooters.

Portable Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps in Chicago

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps come in two flavours: bi-fold portable ramps and tri-fold ramps.
The bi-fold ramps come in two varieties: the 5ft and 6ft ramps, which can be used with all types of cars as well as most types of minivans. They have been designed for curbs, raised landings, and to bridge the gap to vehicles for wheelchairs and scooters. They offer high stability and great safety while they can also be neatly folded in two and carried around easily.

Tri-fold ramps feature a unique design consisting of three folds. They, therefore, offer more length to bridge longer gaps or cover areas that are raised a little higher than normal. They can easily be carried as a complete set or in different sections, offering the best form of portability, stability, safety.

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