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NSM, the fastest growing accessibility company in the nation, is proud to have a branch in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is our mission to help those with any type of mobility challenge find solutions to move much more easily through life. Perhaps you use a wheelchair, power scooter, walker, cane or crutches to get around. Our Chattanooga professionals are ready to assist you with the latest innovations in accessibility solutions. You or your loved one may have been dependent on a wheelchair or scooter from a very young age to your senior years. You may be disabled from a genetic disorder, traumatic injury, progressive disease, accident, war wound, stroke, or simply growing older. Your disability may be temporary or more permanent. We can help.

We are committed to helping you make your private home, school, church, office, business or any public space anywhere near the Chattanooga area more accessible. NSM partners with the most respected accessibility manufacturers in the US. Because of our huge national network of experienced professionals and accessibility products, we have decades of expert knowledge available along with the personal service of a local branch.

We are always adding new products and lines, keeping our eyes open for new ways to help you gain easier access to life. Our lines include wooden, heavy-duty steel and aluminum Wheelchair ramps, straight and curved stairlifts, Vehicle lifts in hoist or platform models, patient lifts for lifting and transitioning, Wheelchair Platform lifts (or wheelchair elevators), power lift recliners, automatic door openers, and bath safety products.

You’re invited to look around our website. Then please call our Chattanooga branch, fill out our Contact a Branch form, or chat with us online. Our accessibility professionals are happy to provide no obligation consultation to answer any questions or assist you in any way.

NSM Chattanooga, TN Accessibility Solutions

Wheelchair Ramps in Chattanooga TN

Wheelchair Ramps

We can measure, design and install one of our amazing National Ramps anywhere in the Chattanooga area. Our Wheelchair ramps can be made from natural treated wood, powder-coated heavy steel or maintenance-free aluminum. They are crafted in modular sections with strength, durability and safety in mind. Our accessibility professionals make sure they meet all ADA standards and codes. We can quickly install them at your home, school, church, business or any public place.

Stairlifts in Chattanooga TN


Choose one of our curved or straight Stairlifts to make it easy for the mobility challenged to ride on a comfortable seat up and down your existing staircase. We can fit straight, curved, spiral staircases or those with multiple landings. Models are available for indoor or outdoor use, granting access to exterior entryways, decks, porches or interior steps in multi-level homes, churches and businesses. There is an inclined platform available for wheelchair use as well.

Platform Lifts in Chattanooga TN

Wheelchair Lifts

Our Wheelchair Elevators, sometimes called Vertical Platform Lifts, can truly open up your multi-level home, school, church, apartment, or business to those who use wheelchairs or power scooters to navigate through life. Most models take up a small amount of floor space and require very little change to your existing structure. These Wheelchair lifts are available in open or enclose platforms for either indoor or outdoor use.

Vehicle Lifts in Chattanooga TN

Vehicle Lifts

One of the top ways to grant access to those who depend on a wheelchair or scooter to go anywhere outside your home is a Vehicle lift. We have a huge line available to choose from. Our professionals make sure to help you get the right fit for you mobility device and your new or existing car, van, SUV, crossover or truck. We carry Bruno and Harmar brands in hoist or platform models. You can select a lift to transport your wheelchair or scooter inside or outside of your vehicle.

Bath Safety in Chattanooga TN

Bathroom Access

Bathrooms are one of the most used yet usually hardest to navigate rooms. We can help you add some accessibility products to your bathroom that will grant easier access, improve safety, provide more independence and privacy. We offer a great line of grab bars, walk-in tubs, shower chairs, transfer products and hygiene lifts. Our professionals are also available to evaluate your bathroom and help make it more accessible.

Patient Lifts in Chattanooga TN

Patient Lifts

We are committed to lowering the high injury rate that occurs upon lifting or transitioning a patient. That is why we offer all types of Patient Lifts as a critical safety tool for patients and caregivers. This is a must for patients both at home and in any type of facility care who need help moving from bed to chair or simply raising to change linens. Check out our portable, overhead, hygiene, bariatric, and complete line of therapeutic patient lifts.

Lift Chairs

Our power lift Recliners are a great choice for patients who need a little help moving or if you are simply planning ahead for your older years. These beautiful chairs come in choices of colors and fabrics. They are also available in ten different sizes for a custom fit. The remote control allows the user to recline or sit in a multitude of positions, as well as lift you from a sitting to standing position. This will be your favorite chair for many years.

Door Openers

Closed doors can be a huge obstacle for those in wheelchairs or scooters or using walkers, canes or crutches. Our Open Sesame Door Openers can be installed on interior or exterior doors to allow independent easy access at the touch of a button. They can also be used to open gates for easy access. Make your home, school, church or business handicap-friendly by offering doors which open and close automatically.