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Our Power Lift Recliners offer the ultimate in comfort and support for those with any type of mobility challenge, or if you just want the ultimate in a power recliner to lounge in after a hard day at work. You’ll find a great combination of positioning with power controls, as well as maximum lumbar support and a stylish beauty for any décor. The perfect power chair can make a huge difference in the quality of life for one who has to spend a great part of their day in it. The easy-to- use controls make it possible for the users to reposition themselves independently without calling for assistance. This makes it a great solution for home use or facility use. It is also a great investment as retirement age approaches. You can enjoy it now and in the years ahead.

The correct fit in a chair makes all the difference in the world. We have as many as ten sizes available from Xtra Wide to Xtra Small. Our power lift chairs can be customized with choices of controls, positions available, lumbar support, and head and footrest adjustments. In case of power failure, there are options for lithium battery backup power and places to charge your USB devices. The adjustment of positioning means more comfort and less chance of bed sores for those who cannot move on their own. You can choose a position to watch TV, take a nap, sleep for the night, or go from sitting to standing—all at the touch of a button. Our ergonomically designed power lift recliners are crafted with care by GoldenTech and PrideMobility right here in America.

One of our compassionate experienced professionals at our Columbus OH branch are ready and willing to help you find the perfect solution in a power lift recliner that will help you relax in mind, body and spirit. Contact us by calling our Columbus OH location, fill out our Contact a Branch form, or chat with us online where it says, “Let’s Talk!” We are dedicated to helping you find solutions to move through life—or in this case- relax in your new favorite chair!

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