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Our Columbus NSM professionals can help you find an easy way to move through life with one of our incredible Mobility scooters. We offer an awesome line of power mobility scooters or POV’s (personal operating vehicles) to choose from. We have so many options that we can help you find the best possible fit for your particular needs. All our power scooters are crafted in America and offer the highest customer satisfaction.

We carry everything from the most compact portable models with 360 degree turning radius which work well in small or crowded places. We offer the latest Jazzy Air model which allows the user to rise up in the air to see eye-to- eye for social interaction or reaching high things. Our lines include three- wheel and four-wheel options. For the most part, three wheel models move in smaller areas with smoother surfaces where four wheel versions can ride over rugged outdoor terrain and carry heavier loads. Check out our compact travel models such as the Buzz Arounds which disassemble with one hand to store and transport, or our Lite Riders which are full size yet affordable, or our full size luxury Companion series. There is even more to choose from when you select colors and options such as a cellphone holder, oxygen holder, cane or walker holder, cup holder and which type of storage such as a front basket, under the seat or rear basket to transport personal items or groceries. Most experts agree that if you cannot walk very far, are in pain upon walking, and you can sit erect in the seat and operate the controls, you may be a good candidate for a power mobility scooter.

Browse through our selections on our website, then contact us for our experienced no obligation input. It is our highest aim to help you find the very best solutions for all your mobility needs. NSM is the fastest growing accessibility company in the USA. We are built on a network of the very best
manufacturers, and an entire team of highly experienced experts in the accessibility field. We are close by to serve you. Call our Columbus office. Fill out our Contact a Branch form or chat with us online where it says, “Let’s Talk!” We are ready to help.

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