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Franklin MA Branch

NSM is the fast-growing accessibility company in the country. We are proud to offer a local branch in Franklin MA to serve all those with mobility challenges in this area of Massachusetts. Our experienced professionals are committed to helping those with spinal injuries, progressive diseases, brain injuries, or those who are growing older, wounded veterans…or anyone of any age who requires assistance in moving through life. Our company has formed an amazing combination of the highest ranked accessibility manufactures, products and experts with the personal service and connection of your professionals at our local branch.

We aim to become your 360 Degree Complete Solution for all your accessibility needs. Our expertise is available to help you know what is available and how we can equip your home, school, or business with tools to make life more accessible to those who have mobility issues of any kind. We offer wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, vehicle lifts wheelchair elevators, power lift recliners, bath accessibility products and much more.

We are easy to contact. Call our local branch office. Fill out the contact form on this page. Chat with us online where it says “Let’s Talk.” We are happy to answer questions or schedule a free no obligation consultation to evaluate your home, vehicle, or business. We want to help Massachusetts become more accessible to those in wheelchairs, scooters or any mobility challenge.

NSM Franklin Accessibility Solutions


Stairlifts are a wonderful solution for homes and businesses that need to provide a simple way to go up and down stairs for those who cannot climb stairs. Our modular rail systems can fit curved, straight or spiral staircases. A stylish comfortable chair carries the user smoothly and safely up and down with easy stop and start features. We have models for interior and exterior use.

Patient Lifts

Lifting or transitioning patients can be a stressful and risky job for caregiver and patient. We have the tools to make it easier and safer with our line of patient lifts. We are glad to equip residential homes, schools, and institutions with these critical tools to make life easier for all. We offer  floor models, patient slings, sit to stand models, and overhead models to assist in moving patients.

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are a mainstay in making entry and exit more accessible for those in wheelchairs and power scooters. We can fit homes and businesses with the perfect match for their needs and budget. We carry aluminum, powder coated steel and natural wood ramps. The modular systems are designed to your measurements to meet all ADA standards. We also carry portable ramps and offer rentals.

Vehicle Lifts

We can help make it easy to load and transport your wheelchair or power scooter onto your current car, van, SUV or truck. Our professionals can help you find the correct hoist or platform model for your particular vehicle and mobility device which can be transported inside or outside of your vehicle.

Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Another surprising solution we offer is our line of wheelchair elevators or vertical platform lifts which lift wheelchair or scooter users from one level to the next. They can be fitted for residential or commercial use and require very little disturbance to existing structures. We have platform or enclosed lifts for either indoor or outdoor use. Let us advise you.

Lift Chairs

One of our greatest accessibility tools is our line of power lift recliners which assists the user to rise from a seated position to standing with the touch of a button. These highly functional chairs are comfortable and stylish with an assortment of color and fabric choices. They are available in multiple positions and ten different sizes to meet the needs of each person. This will be your favorite chair for years.

Door Openers

Closed doors can be a big obstacle for those with mobility challenges. That’s why we offer automatic door openers which can be operated by controls that attach to the wall or to your wheelchair. They can be used on residential or commercial interior or exterior doors to allow easy hands-free access to those with mobility challenges.

Bathroom Access

Our professionals can help you determine ways to make your bathroom much safer and easier to access with our line of bathroom accessibility products. We have grab bars, walk in tubs, shower chairs, transfer tools and the expertise to help provide more independence, privacy and safety in this injury-prone area. Let us help you.