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As a part of National Seating and Mobility, NSM believes our clients deserve full and unrestricted access to their houses and other spaces. Whether it is via stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, or vehicle lifts, our clients should be able to access different areas with both safety and comfort. We happen to currently be America’s fastest growing company that offers accessibility solutions. Our aim has always been to be a one stop shop for all our customers’ needs and to offer unmatched services and support. We also ensure that our products are priced at different price points in order to accommodate different budgets. In the thirty years that we have been in business, we have installed thousands of accessibility devices in clients’ homes. These devices have given our clients a feeling of independence in their own homes and on the road as they travel. We offer both indoor and outdoor wheelchair lifts and stairlifts that can easily be fitted onto different types of staircases, such as straight ones, curved ones, winding ones, and staircases with varying inclines. We have something for everyone, and all our products are installed by our competent team of Blue Shirt professionals. These are factory trained employees of NSM and not subcontractors. We only send employees to deal with clients in order to maintain our high standards of quality. We have stairlift rentals available as well.  If you would like a free quote or consultation, you can contact us today or visit our New York City branch.

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Stairlifts New York City

Straight Stairlifts

These stairlifts are designed for houses with straight staircases spanning only two levels. They are the easiest to install and typically take our Blue Shirt professionals less than a day to fully install. They are very safe and easy to use. They can also be fitted with customized carriages according to the tastes of the client.

Curved stairlifts NYC

Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are designed for staircases that span more than two levels, winding staircases, or staircases that have a variable incline at different points. They are usually custom-fitted according to the type of staircase the client has. They offer great accessibility to places that straight staircases cannot traditionally reach. They are very easy to use and safe. They can also be fitted with comfortable custom carriages that are chosen by the client according to their tastes.

NYC Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are especially made for the outdoors, where the terrain can be uneven and there can be various complications affecting the ease with which the stairlift is installed. Outdoor stairlifts are highly versatile and can be fitted onto virtually any type of staircase. They come in different designs and materials and can be fitted with different types of carriages to suit the user’s tastes.

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