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NSM is here to solve your accessibility problems with accessibility solutions that you will appreciate. Our Greenville, SC branch is dedicated to providing mobility devices and accessibility solutions to the local residents every day. Our team specializes in the evaluation, installation, repair and customization of stairlifts, patient lifts, wheelchair ramps, vehicle lifts, wheelchair platform lifts and various other accessibility solutions. Our products are only sourced from the most trustworthy and reputable manufacturers in the country, including Harmar, Bruno. Handicare, EX Access, Nation Ram, Gold Technologies, Pride Mobility and many others. Our doors are always open so feel free to ask for a quote today.

NSM Accessibility Solutions Offered via our Greenville Branch

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps offer mobility, allowing the user to traverse any obstacle or access any height. Our line of wheelchair ramps can easily be used with both mobility scooters and wheelchairs and consists of portable models that can easily be transported.

Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are designed for use indoors where a patient needs to be transported to different surfaces. They are highly convenient and make things easier for both the patient and the caregiver. They include floor lifts, sit and stand lifts, and overhead patient lifts. They are easily customizable to fit the particular needs of the client.


Our stairlifts come in two major options, with a variety of sub-options based on the particular needs of the client. Our straight rail stairlifts are meant for use with simple straight staircases both indoors and outdoors and are easily customizable. Our curve rail stairlifts are meant for more complex straight staircases as well as curved staircases.

Bathroom Access

Our bathroom access solutions make it easy for our clients to use their bathrooms without having to worry about how it’s going to work. They include bath benches, shower chairs, and many other unique and customizable solutions that fit the particular needs of the client.

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs allow the user to access various parts of the house from the comfort of their chair and are a comfort solution for many users. They are available in a wide range of options and configurations according to the needs of the client.

Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle lifts are a great solution for people using mobility devices who would like access to vehicles. Our vehicle lifts are suitable for use with all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and others. They are also portable and easily configurable for use with both mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Lifts

These accessibility solutions are an excellent alternative to wheelchair ramps as hey allow the user to traverse a height directly vertically. They are typically used as porch lifts and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as with both mobility scooters and wheelchairs.