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Philadelphia PA Branch

Philadelphia may be where the bell first rang for freedom in America, but we still have a lot of work to do to assist those with mobility challenges the freedom to move around. We at NSM are committed to helping provide all the accessibility tools we can to grant the most freedom possible for those with mobility challenges. Our Philadelphia branch helps serve up to a hundred miles from our office. We hope to partner with you in bringing you a complete line of solutions to give more freedom to move around in residential, school, or public locations. We have experience professionals ready and willing to assist you with free consultations.

NSM has worked hard to build up a national company with partnerships with the very best manufacturers of accessibility products. We have a nation-wide team with decades of experience with the advantage of personal service by our local branch. We are proud to offer such solutions for the mobility challenged such as wheelchair ramps, stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, vehicle lifts, patient lifts, lift chairs and bath access products. We offer a free no obligation evaluation of your home or business to help you with the best solutions to move independently through life.

Explore our website of products. We are easy to contact. Call our Philadelphia office. Fill out our easy contact form. You may also choose to chat live with us online. We look forward to serving those whose mobility issues are a result of injury, illness, veteran wounds, or growing older. We hope to help you gain more freedom.

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NSM Philadelphia Accessibility Solutions


NSM offers a perfect solution to provide freedom in going up and down existing stairways. Our stairlifts combine three decades of experience in design and installation of stair chair lifts in homes and businesses. We can fit curved or straight staircases with the modular rail system that offers quiet safe rides in a stylish comfortable chair on the stairs that otherwise cannot be navigated. We even have a model that carries a platform with an occupied wheelchair over existing stairs. Contact us for more information.

Wheelchair Lifts

There are a lot of issues with giving wheelchair and power scooter users the freedom they need in the older architecture as well as newer. NSM may have a solution to providing access to multi-level homes and businesses. Our Wheelchair Platform lifts act as mini elevators to lift someone while sitting in their wheelchair or scooter from floor to floor.  We carry wheelchair lifts for indoor and outdoor use. It is another way we are committed to providing more freedom to the mobility challenged.


We work with the highly respected National Ramps to provide the highest quality of wheelchair ramps. The modular systems can be designed for any space and can be professionally installed in a quick manner. They are available in the lifetime warranty of aluminum, heavy duty steel with powder coating, or the warmth and affordability of natural wood. We also carry portable ramps, rental ramps, threshold ramps and vehicle ramps. We can measure, design and install one of our wheelchair or scooter ramps. Call us for a no obligation consultation.

Vehicle Lifts

Wheelchair and scooter users want the freedom to get in their vehicle and run to the store, mall, or take a road trip. Our Vehicle Lifts by pioneers in the field, Bruno and Harmar, give us options to match your new or existing SUV, van, car or truck with the best hoist or platform lift to easily load your device and take it with you. Over 30 years of experience gives us the knowledge to help you find the right solution for transporting your power scooter or wheelchair inside or outside of your vehicle.

Patient Lifts

Trying to move a patient with mobility challenges without the proper tools is an accident waiting to happen. Protect both patients and caregivers from injury with the proper patient lift for you needs. We offer patient lifts which can be used in residential, school or institutional settings. Our lines include floor models, overhead or ceiling lifts (portable or professionally installed), sling lifts, and sit to stand lifts. Our experienced professionals can help determine the correct solution for you.

Bathroom Access

Freedom of movement can be a major issue in one of the most used rooms in your home—the bathroom. We offer free evaluations of bathrooms to help solve some of the most critical problems those with mobility challenges face. Check out our line of grab bars, walk in bath tubs, shower chairs, and bathroom accessibility products. We are determined to make bathrooms safer.

Lift Chairs

This may be the last good easy chair you will buy. We can help customize the fit to the size of the user. It electronically lifts from a sitting position to a standing position at the touch of a button. Our stylish chairs come with lumbar support, easy grip handles, lush cushioning, and a wide variety of fabrics and colors. These lift chairs are great for those with mobility challenges or if you just want a great chair that’s easy to get in and out of.

Door Openers

Doors can be an issue for those in wheelchairs, scooters, walkers or any type of disability. We have a solution for that, too. Our Falcon Automatic Door Opener can open even a locked door with a touch of a button. Controls can be attached to a wheelchair or mounted on a wall to open interior or exterior residential or commercial doors. Let us help open up your home or business for freedom of movement.