Wheelchair Platform Lifts in Las Vegas, NV

One of our Wheelchair Elevators could be the right solution to give your home, school, church, office, apartment or business the accessibility needed for those with mobility challenges. The models we carry take up a minimal floor space and lift a person using a wheelchair or scooter up to 14 feet to the next level without having to transfer from their mobility device. Also referred to as Vertical Platform Lifts, these mini elevators grant complete access to upper and lower levels. This makes them a perfect solution for multi-level homes, raised entries, raised or lower decks or living areas, changes in elevation in your private residence and in public places without the expense of a full-blown elevator.

There is no need for a shaft so installation is quick and usually requires little changes to permanent structures. Our Wheelchair platform Lifts take up a small amount of floor space. Models are available with open or enclosed platforms and can be installed indoors or outdoors. The controls are easy to operate and can even be customized for certain disabilities. Our Las Vegas accessibility professionals can help determine which model is best for your application. All our Wheelchair Platform Lifts meet all ADA standards and codes, offering a safe, dependable lift for wheelchair, scooter, walker, cane users and those who are aging.

Our Wheelchair Platform Lifts are an affordable solution to provide easy access to the growing population who use wheelchairs and power scooters to go through life. Each Vertical Platform Lift comes with an automated let down ramp, safety features and a 750 lb weight capacity.

We are glad to help anyone in the Las Vegas and surrounding areas equip their home, school, church, business to make it accessible for the ever-growing population who depend on mobility devices to go through life. Call our Las Vegas location or fill out our Contact form on this website. We are your neighbors and want to be part of your team.

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