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What a welcome sight wheelchair ramps are to wheelchair and scooter users, as well as those using walkers and crutches. Stairs are an impassable obstacle. We can help make your home, business or public space accessible to those with mobility devices.  Where stairs or multi levels are now, we can help you find a solution to grant easy access to everyone with one of our custom designed Wheelchair Ramps.

We carry wooden, steel and aluminum ramps depending on your particular needs.  One of our Blue Shirt Professionals can help you determine which material will suit your application the best. They are trained to design ramps to meet the correct degree  and measurements to meet all ADA standards and codes. All our ramps are manufactured with care by National Ramp. They come in module pieces so they can be custom fit together by our professional installers in whatever space you have. We carry both residential and commercial grade wheelchair ramps.

The wooden wheelchair ramps have the warm natural tones that can be painted or stained to accent your architectural design. The steel ramps are powder coated and can endure the elements. Our design with the cone welded rails is much stronger than bolted side rails and the base features the open weave to make for a safe anti-slip surface.  Steel ramps offer a three year warranty. The aluminum ramps are the lightest weight yet most durable with a lifetime guarantee.  The aluminum ramps are 100% maintenance-free. All our wheelchair and scooter ramps have attributes which allow rain to run off and railing designed for maximum safety, strength and durability.  If you need a ramp for a short amount of time, we even offer wheelchair ramps on a rental basis.

We also carry an amazing line of ramps for vans and portable ramps which can fold up and be transported. AccessNSM even carries threshold ramps to make for smooths rides over rough doorway thresholds.

We at AccessNSM in Mobile AL make it our mission to provide better ways for those with mobility challenges to move more freely and independently through life.  We are honored to serve you whether you are a veteran, senior citizen or whatever disability you or your loved one is facing.  If you have a business, church or other public place that needs to grant easier access to the over 2 million people in wheelchairs or scooters, we can help you.

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