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Serving much of southern Connecticut!

We are honored to serve the people of much of southern Connecticut through our Niantic location with an ever-growing line of accessibility products. NSM is the fastest-growing national company dedicated to helping those with mobility issues and those who care about them find solutions to assist them in moving through life. We carry the most respected manufactures with the most innovative designs, and we have an unmatchable team of experienced national and local professionals ready to assist you.

Check out or lines of Wheelchair ramps, indoor and outdoor stairlift systems, vehicle lifts, Wheelchair vertical platform lifts (elevators), power lift chairs, patient lifts and bathroom accessibility products. It is our goal to make life more accessible and safer for those using wheelchairs and power scooters or for those who are growing older.

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NSM Niantic Accessibility Solutions

Wheelchair Lifts

If your home, school, or place of business has changes in elevation, we have a possible solution to make varying levels more accessible to those using wheelchairs or scooters. Our line of Vertical Platform Lifts or Wheelchair elevators can be installed for interior or exterior use. Some models take very little floor space or little interference with existing structures. The open or enclosed units lift the user from one level to the next.

Wheelchair Ramps

Our professionals can help you find the best wheelchair ramp for your home, school or business use. Our strong, modular designed ramps for wheelchairs and scooters are available in no-maintenance aluminum, powder-coated steel or warm natural wood. We can measure, design and install them quickly for easy entrance and exit for home or commercial use. All designs meet ADA standards.


We can help our Connecticut neighbors with a solution for curved, straight or spiral staircases. When you or someone you care for can no longer manage navigating stairs, our NSM professionals can design and install a stairlift rail system that fits on your existing staircase. We can quickly install units for inside or outdoor use. The comfortable chairs in optional colors give a safe smooth ride up and down levels. We also have a platform model for wheelchair users.

Vehicle Lifts

Our local Connecticut professionals are ready to help fit your new or existing car, SUV, van or truck with a vehicle lift. We can assist you in choosing the proper hoist or platform model to load and transport your wheelchair or scooter inside or outside of your vehicle. There are a lot of control features which can aide in independent loading and unloading so you can go when you want.

Door Openers

What a help automatic doors are for those who use wheelchairs or power scooters. Our automatic Sesame Door Opener can be quickly installed on interior or exterior home or commercial doors to offer easy entrance and exit. The touch of button controls can be mounted on the wall, a post or even on the wheelchair if needed. Let us assist you.

Patient Lifts

One of our patient lifts will become a necessary tool when lifting or transitioning patients with little to no mobility function. Transitions are one of the most injury-prone times for both patient and caregivers. We can equip your home, school or medical institution with these critical accessibility tools to save time, stress and injuries. We carry floor models, sit to stand lifts, patient slings and overhead portable or installed rail systems.

Lift Chairs

Another great NSM solution is our attractive line of power lift chairs. Pick your new favorite chair with choice of colors, fabric and 10 choices of sizes sure to fit almost anyone. The easy to use controls give you a lift from sitting to standing with a wide array of possible reclining positions. These amazing chairs offer support and comfort to who need to rest after work or a place to spend a lot of their day. Let us help you pick out your favorite chair that will last for years.

Bathroom Access

Our local professionals are happy to offer a no obligation consultation to evaluate your bathroom. We can help you equip your small, hard-to-maneuver bathroom into a safer, more private and accessible room. We handle grab bars, walk in tubs, shower chairs, and bath access products to transform this injury-prone area into a more functional room for those with mobility challenges.