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Ten percent of residents in the state of Utah depend on wheelchairs or power scooters to get through life. That number is rising with the growing number of baby boomers getting older and requiring accessibility devices. NSM is proud to serve the people in the hundred mile radius around our Ogden, UT location. We hope to provide solutions which enable those with mobility challenges to move about more freely through life. We are always adding to our Accessibility Product lines. We hope to become your source for every solution you might need to gain easier access and to move independently as possible through life.

Because we are a national company, we work with the most respected manufactures in the mobility access field. Yet we offer the advantage of knowing the person you are dealing with because of our local branch. We have highly experienced professionals who can advise you on the feasibility of each product for your particular need. We enjoy working with the inspiring people who valiantly go through life despite their mobility challenges whether they are a result of injury, progressive disease, illness, or growing older. We truly hope to become part of your team.

NSM offers wheelchair ramps, patient lifts, vehicle lifts, Lift chairs, wheelchair platform lifts, bath accessibility tools, stairlifts and wheelchair lifts. We hope to make your life more accessible in every area. Contact us by our local phone number, fill out the contact form or chat with us online. We are ready to serve you.

NSM Ogden Accessibility Solutions


We carry Bruno, Harmar and Handicare Stairlifts which allow those who cannot navigate stairs to glide effortlessly on a comfortable chair up and down stairs. The easy start and stop system carries a stylish chair safely along a rail installed along existing stairs. We can fit curved or straight stairways as well as multi-landings. We even have stairlifts for interior and exterior use for Utah residents. Another solution are our inclined vertical platform lifts which carry a person seated in a wheelchair up and down the stairs. Contact us for more help.

Wheelchair Ramps

We can help you with almost any kind of wheelchair ramp. We carry National Ramps durable wheelchair and scooter ramps available in life-time guaranteed aluminum with an open mesh flooring, heavy-duty powder-coated steel, and economical yet warm natural wood. NSM has a great selection of threshold ramps, portable ramps, and vehicle ramps. Let us find the right ramp for your home or public place.

Wheelchair Lifts

NSM offers a great line of Vertical Platform Lifts which could be just the solution to help those in wheelchairs or scooters move from one level to the next in your home, school or business. Our line of miniature Elevator lifts for wheelchairs include interior or exterior models as well as open or enclosed platforms. Some of them take up a very small amount of space and require little or no construction changes. Let one of our professionals see if this could be a solution for your needs.

Vehicle Lifts

A large part of personal freedom is being able to go where you want when you want in your own vehicle. We can help you do this with one of our Bruno or Harmar Vehicle Lifts. We can help you see which model best fits your new or existing vehicle. NSM has wheelchair or power scooter lifts that will fit inside or outside your car, van, SUV or truck. Our easy power controls may even help you independently travel. Contact us for a free consultation.

Door Openers

Another solution we offer is the Open Sesame Automatic Door Opener which allows a wheelchair or scooter user to approach a door, gate or lift and the door will open to let them safely through. This tool allows for independent movement in the home or place of business. The control features can be customized for the particular disability. The control can be mounted on the wheelchair or on the wall for easy access. Our door openers offer security and independence.

Patient Lifts

Nursing and caregiving are the largest population to face major back injuries due to lifting immobile patients in awkward positions. One of our many patient lifts can be used in homes, schools or medical facilities to protect patient, caregivers and staff while transitioning. We carry portable or installed overhead lifts, floor lifts, sling lifts and lifts to help patients go from sitting to standing positions. Let us help make transitioning safer.

Lift Chairs

A large majority of mobility challenged spend most of their time in bed or sitting in a chair. Life can be so much more comfortable in one of our plush multi-positioning lift chairs. They are perfect for refreshing rest after a hard day’s work or to spend the majority of the day in. They are easily controlled to lift-to-stand or position for comfort and support. They come in as ten sizes, a variety of colors and fabrics to fit your décor as well as the user.

Bathroom Access

One of the most critical rooms where the mobility challenged need safe access tools is the bathroom. We are dedicated to lowering the injury rate that occurs in this small but important room. Our experienced professionals can evaluate your bathroom and show you access products that will make life so much easier, more private and safer. We carry grab bars, walk in showers and tubs, shower chairs, and other bath access tools.