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Oklahoma City is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation with all kinds of new parks, trails, attractions and buildings—most of which have amenities built in for those with mobility challenges in mind. Yet there is a still lot of room for more accessibility tools in both residential and public sectors to make life easier for those with disabilities to move around. Our Oklahoma City location is staffed by caring experienced professionals who are honored to assist in finding the right solutions to your mobility issues.

NSM is the fastest growing accessibility company in America. We have built our firm with a foundation of the most respected manufactories of accessibility tools with the latest innovations, local compassionate and experienced professionals ready to provide excellent personal service, and an entire network of  the most trusted and experienced people in the field across the nation. We are dedicated to providing better access to those who face huge challenges simply moving through their day.

We carry a great variety of wheelchair ramps, stairlifts for curved and straight stairs, vehicle lifts, wheelchair lifts or elevators, power lift chairs, patient lifts, and bath safety products. Our Oklahoma City NSM professionals would be more than happy to assist our fellow Oklahomans in any way. Contact us by phone, contact form on this page or chat with us below where it says, “Let’s Talk!”

NSM Oklahoma City Accessibility Solutions

Wheelchair Ramps

We design and install wheelchair ramps for homes, businesses and public places with National Ramp’s unique modular systems. They are all crafted with durability, safety, service and to meet all ADA standards. Our ramps are available in maintenance-free aluminum, heavy-duty steel, or the lovely warmth of wood. We can custom-fit ramps to specific locations. We even offer a rental program.


Stairs are a giant problem for those who cannot navigate them. We have a solution! Our professionals can design and install a stairlift system for your residential or business stairs. We can fit curved, straight or spiral staircases with a rail system that carries a comfortable attractive chair up and down one or more flights of stairs—whether it is indoors or outdoors. We also have a platform system which can carry a wheelchair up and down stairs!

Wheelchair Lifts

Another viable solution for multi-levels in the home or a place of business is one of our Wheelchair lifts, sometimes known as Wheelchair elevators. Most models take up a minimum of floor space and require little to no construction to existing structures. We have open and enclosed units for interior or exterior use. Contact us to see if we have a Vertical Platform Lift to fit your needs.

Vehicle Lifts

Oklahomans love their independence of driving their own vehicles. We can help make it easier to load and transport your wheelchair or scooter onto your new or existing car, van, SUV or truck. Our professionals can help make certain you get the right choice for your specific vehicle, mobility device and needs. We have both hoist and platform lifts crafted here in the USA by pioneers in the field.

Bathroom Access

The highest rate of accidents occurs in the bathroom for the mobility-challenged. We are committed to making bathrooms safer for both users and care-givers. Let us consult with you and show you our bath access products such as walk-in tubs, shower chairs, grab bars and much more. There are many solutions available to take the stress and danger out of this area.

Patient Lifts

Patient Lifts are a critical solution to combat injuries in both patients and care-givers—in the home, schools and medical institutions. Patients with little to no mobility need a mechanical lift to aide in transitioning and moving without injury. We can help you chose from our slings, overhead lifts, floor models or sit-to-stand units. Patient lifts are proven to cut serious injuries.

Lift Chairs

We carry an attractive line of power lift chairs which aide in sitting to standing. Choose your color and fabric to fit any décor. It’s a great combination of support and comfort. There are multiple reclining positions all adjusted easily at the touch of a button. This will be your new all-time favorite easy chair—whether you spend most of the day in it or to relax in after a hard day at work!

Door Openers

Closed doors are another huge obstacle for those with mobility challenges. We have a solution for that, too! Our Open Sesame Door Opener automatically opens closed doors in your home or business with the touch of a button. The controls can be mounted on a nearby wall or post, or they can even be placed on a wheelchair. The door stays open long enough to pass through, then closes behind. Contact us  to see if this might work for you!