Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lifts in Raleigh, NC

At NSM we have always proudly held the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy unfettered accessibility to different parts of their home, vehicle, and various public and commercial spaces. We do this through thee provision of various accessibility devices, such as stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, vehicle lifts, platform lifts and others. We do this while ensuring the client feels both comfort and safety as they use our devices. We are currently the fastest growing company in the accessibility devices industry. With our entry into Raleigh, North Carolina, we aim to offer accessibility devices under one roof for all our clients. We also aim to offer unmatched services and support. We stock a wide range of accessibility devices in our inventory at different price points in order to accommodate different budgets. We help you maintain a deep sense of independence in your home with our various accessibility products, including both indoor and outdoor wheelchair lift models. All of our services are carried out by our competent team of Blue Shirt professionals who are factory trained employees of NSM. They handle the evaluation, consultations, installation, repair and maintenance of all of our clients’ accessibility products and maintain high standards of quality in accordance with NSM principles. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Raleigh branch today.

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