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NSM is proud to serve northern CA through our Redding location. Our national and local professionals are dedicated to helping those with mobility issues due to injury, illness or aging. We want to help you move more easily through life in your vehicle, home, school or business. We are happy to work together with patients, care givers, schools, the community and medical professionals to offer greater accessibility to those using wheelchairs, power scooters or those who are finding it harder to get around.

NSM has created the ultimate line up of resources—from our highly regarded national manufactures to our incredible experienced team of national professionals as well as the friendly compassionate professionals in our Redding location. We are always adding to our line of accessibility products to give you more options. We carry Wheelchair ramps, Vehicle lifts, Wheelchair elevators, Power lift chairs, patient lifts, stairlifts, door openers, and bath accessibility products.

Our local professionals are happy to provide a no obligation consultation to see how we can help you gain more access. Call us at our local office. Fill out the “Contact a Branch” form, or chat with us online below with the “Let’s Talk!” option.

NSM Redding Accessibility Solutions

Patient Lifts

One of the most stressful and riskiest jobs is lifting or transitioning patients who cannot move for themselves. We have a solution for your home, school or medical setting with one of our Patient slings. Our models include patient slings, sit to stand units, floor models and portable or installed overhead lifts. We can help make transitions safer for patients and caregivers.


Check out our Stairlift options as pictured here. Our local professionals can help design and install the modular rail systems that fit on your straight, curved or spiral staircase. The stylish comfortable chair folds up out of the way when not in use. We even have a platform model that will carry a wheelchair in use up and down your existing interior or exterior residential or business stairs. We can help you find a solution.

Wheelchair Ramps

We offer a great line of Wheelchair or scooter ramps for home, school or business use. Our professionals measure and design a National Ramp modular ramp to fit your needs from choices of aluminum, steel or wood. They meet all ADA standards and can be quickly installed to make entries and exits more welcome and accessible to those with mobility devices.

Vehicle Lifts

We can provide you with over three decades of experience in fitting your new or existing van, car, SUV or truck with the correct hoist or platform lift to easily load and transport your wheelchair or scooter. We carry highly respected Bruno and Harmar, pioneers in the field, who have models to carry your device inside or outside of your vehicle. We want to help make it easy to load and go where you want.

Lift Chairs

What a great solution for those who need a little lift getting out of their chair! We offer an amazing line of power lifts reclining chairs in your choice of colors and fabric. They are specially designed for support and comfort as well as style. They are even available in 10 different sizes to fit almost anyone. The controls not only lift but are available in multiple reclining positions. This chair is sure to become your favorite chair to rest in after work or hang out in most of the day.

Door Openers

We can install our Open Sesame Automatic Door Opener on most interior or exterior doors, gates or lifts. The touch-of-a-button controls open the door and keep it open long enough for wheelchairs or scooters to pass through. The controls can be installed on the wall, a post or even on a wheelchair. Let us help open doors for you.

Bathroom Access

Let our local professionals evaluate your existing bathroom to see how we can help you modify and equip your bathroom to make it safer and easier to maneuver. This small but critical room can be a major point of injury. We can help make it safer, more private, and less stressful. We carry walk in tubs, shower chairs, transition tools, garb bars and more. Let us assist you.

Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Changes in elevation can be a major roadblock to those in wheelchairs and scooters. Let us help solve that problem in your home, school or business. We can help you find the correct Vertical Platform Lift, sometimes known as Wheelchair Elevators for your particular structure. Most units can be installed with little disturbance to existing architecture. They are available in indoor and outdoor  as well as open or enclosed models.