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We are proud to serve our neighbors in the Greater San Antonio Area. AssessNSM is dedicated to making life easier and more accessible to all those in the San Antonio and surrounding communities who face mobility challenges. If you, or a loved one, use a wheelchair, scooter, walker or cane to move through life, we can help you with tools to grant more independence and safety. Our San Antonian professionals can assist you in providing better access in your private home, schools, churches, offices, businesses or any medical facility. It is our goal to make Alamo City more welcoming and disability- friendly. Our experienced accessibility professionals can even help prepare your house so you can continue to live in your own home as you age.

NSM has built a national network of the most respected accessibility manufacturers and expert professionals with decades of experience. We can also offer personal service since we are your neighbors—right here in San Antonio, Texas. Check out our selection of wooden, steel, and aluminum wheelchair ramps, hoist and platform style vehicle lifts, indoor and outdoor stairlifts, power lift reclining chairs, wheelchair elevators or Vertical Platform Lifts, Patient Lifts, Automatic Door Openers and Bathroom Accessibility Products. Our local professionals offer a no obligation consultation and are committed to serving you for all your accessibility needs.

We are continually adding new products and services to make your life easier to enjoy—and to help your school, church, office or business more accessible. Let us help you. Call our San Antonio location. You may also fill out our contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

NSM San Antonio, TX Accessibility Solutions

Wheelchair Ramps

One of the most necessary accessibility tools for those who cannot navigate steps or changes in elevation is a wheelchair ramp. We carry maintenance-free aluminum, heavy-duty steel or natural wood wheelchair ramps manufactured by highly rated National Ramps. We professionally install them to meet all ADA standards and codes in your home, school, church, office, business or any public space. These attractive, strong, durable and safe handicap ramps serve the mobility challenged for years.

Stairlifts in San Antonio


If your home has stairs, one of our Stairlifts may be the perfect solution to stay in your existing home and still have access to all levels when the stairs have become too difficult to navigate. We can install a curved or straight stairlift on the edge of your indoor or outdoor stairs. A stylish seat transports you smoothly up and down along a low profile rail system. The chair even folds up when not in use. A platform option is also available which carries a wheelchair in use from level to level.

Platform Lifts in San Antonio

Wheelchair Lifts

Here is a solution you need to check out for any where there is a change in levels or elevation. We are proud to offer a great line of Vertical Platform Lifts, also referred to as Wheelchair Elevators. They can be professionally installed in your home, school, church or business to grant access to second stories or where there are multi levels. We have open and enclosed lifts for both indoor and outdoor locations. They take up a surprisingly small amount of floor space but give a big lift.

Vehicle Lifts in San Antonio

Vehicle Lifts

Most everyone in Texas has a vehicle to go where they want when they want. Those with mobility issues who depend on wheelchairs or scooters to navigate through life need to have an easy way to load and transport their mobility device. That’s why we offer such a large selection of hoist or platform Vehicle Lifts. Our San Antonio professionals can help select the proper lift for your new or existing car, van, SUV, Crossover or truck and your particular wheelchair or scooter.

Bathroom Access

Bathrooms are often another high risk area for those with mobility challenges. Our Experts can help you determine which bath accessibility products can help transform your bathroom for safety, independence and ease of use. We offer a large selection of grab bars, walk in tubs, shower chairs, hygiene lifts and transfer seats. We offer a no obligation consultation to evaluate how your bathroom can be more accessible to those with mobility issues.

Patient Lifts in San Antonio

Patient Lifts

NSM in San Antonio is dedicated to lowering the high injury rate which occurs for care-givers and patients when lifting or transitioning patients with little mobility. We carry a huge line of portable, overhead, bariatric, Hygiene, stand to walk and other Therapeutic lifts—along with a wide array of slings, belts and other accessories to equip for home, school, and medical facility use. Let our professionals assist you in finding the right patient lifts for your application.

Lift Chairs

Check out our full selection of power lift reclining chairs. We offer several lines to give you plenty of choices of sizes, colors, fabrics and functions. These amazing chairs are easily controlled at the touch of a button to change positions from sitting, multiple reclining or lifting to stand. Our Power Lift Chairs become a favorite for those who spend a great deal of time in a chair, and for those who are ready to start enjoying a comfortable chair after a hard days’ work that will last into your older years.

Door Openers

Closed doors are a huge challenge to those with mobility issues. One of our best solutions is our Automatic Door Openers which allow an indoor or exterior door to be opened with the touch of a button, and keep it open long enough for someone in a wheelchair or scooter to easily pass through before closing. We can install them in your home, school, church or business to grant easy entrance and exit to those with physical disabilities.