Straight, Curved and Outdoor Stairlifts in San Antonio, TX

If you or your loved one can no longer navigate the stairs in your home, consider one of our amazing Stairlifts. It just might allow you to stay in the multi-level home you love. AccessNSM carries three brands of Stairlifts giving you a great selection to choose from. We carry Bruno, Harmar and HandiCare Stairlifts- the best in the industry. Our San Antonio accessibility professionals are dedicated to helping your find solutions to all your mobility challenges. We offer a no obligation consultation to see if one of our Stairlifts is right for you and your particular home.

A Stairlift consists of a rail system, a carriage and a chair which all work together to transport someone up and down the stairs while seated in a stylish comfortable chair. We can fit straight, curved or spiral staircases either indoors or outdoors giving you full access to upper and lower levels. The rail system is very low profile, blending with your wall color. It is professionally installed along the top edge of your existing steps. The carriage unit carries a beautifully styled chair up and down the stairs. It offers a smooth safe ride for the user. The seat even folds up out of the way when not in use, provided more walking space on the stairs. The chair is available in your choice of color and fabric to go with any décor.

The straight stairlift is for a single straight set of stairs. A curved stairlift is used on curved or spiral stairways or when a straight staircase has multiple landings. Stairlifts can open up access to upper levels or down to a basement, to a front raised porch or to a lowered deck or garden. One of our Stairlifts can greatly enhance the quality of time in the home since it allows a person more spaces to access in the home which are blocked due to stairs.

Stairlifts could also be an option for offices, churches or apartments where there are stairs. We even offer a rental program for straight stairlifts. Curved stairlifts require too many custom turns to offer rentals.

Our staff at our San Antonio location are dedicated to assisting you find solutions to all your mobility challenges. We are your neighbors and want to be part of your team as you find new ways to access life. Call our San Antonio location or fill out our Contact form online. We are ready to help!

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