Wheelchair Platform Lifts in San Antonio, TX

If you are facing the dilemma of stairs or raised elevations in your home, school, church, office or business, we just might have the perfect solution to make your place accessible to those who use wheelchairs, power scooters, walkers and canes—one of our Wheelchair Platform Lifts. They are also called Wheelchair Elevators or Vertical Platform Lifts.

Our NSM location in San Antonio carries two lines of these amazing accessibility wonders. You will have some great choices from two highly rated manufacturers—Bruno and Harmar. Our San Antonio accessibility professionals can help you determine the right fit for your needs. We carry Wheelchair Elevators for indoor and outdoor use. That means those who cannot navigate stairs or even a few short steps can easily roll onto the elevator platform and be lifted up or down to another level with no need to transfer from their wheelchair or power scooter.

Our Vertical Platform Lifts are available in open or enclosed platforms and take up a relatively small amount of space. They are fully designed and equipped to meet all ADA standards and codes, and require minimal change to existing structures. These lifts even come with a backup power source in case of an outage. The controls are easy to operate and can even be customized for unique disabilities. Our Wheelchair Elevators are an affordable option to grant full access to your private home or to make public places like businesses, churches, schools, clinics apartments and other spaces disability- friendly. That makes a world of difference to you or your loved one at home. It can also open up your public space to the ever-growing population who depend on a mobility device to go through life.

Call our San Antonio location or fill out our Contact form online. We live and work nearby. We are committed to helping our San Antonio area neighbors find solutions for all your mobility challenges.

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