Wheelchair Platform Lifts in Tampa, FL

Another amazing option to consider wherever there are stairs or multi-levels in the Tampa Bay region is one of our amazing Wheelchair Platform lifts, also known as Vertical platform lifts or Wheelchair elevators. These small elevators are available for indoor or outdoor use, depending on your need. Models come in open or enclosed platforms offering a lift for those in wheelchairs from level to level.

Most models require a minimal amount of floor space yet grant great accessibility without having to transfer out of your wheelchair. Simply wheel on to the platform and the easy controls lift you where you need to go. These Wheelchair Platform Lifts are a great solution for second stories, split-levels, raised entrances and decks.

What a great way to grant a welcome accessibility to everyone in wheelchairs and scooters whether it is in your private home, apartment, business, office, church or school. Our experienced caring accessibility professionals at our Tampa FL location are happy to consult with you at no obligation to see if we can help solve your mobility challenges with changes in elevation or any other issue.

We are committed to helping our mobility challenged neighbors in the Tampa Bay region to finding better ways to move through life. Call our Tampa location. Fill out our Contact form or chat with us online.

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